2020’s final Jupiter-Pluto conjunction

2020 has changed us – irrevocably. This final Jupiter-Pluto conjunction finds us like a butterfly newly emerged from its chrysalis, clinging to a leaf, wet wings shivering in the breeze. Raw. Vulnerable. Tentative. Yet also filled with anticipation of what we’ll see from this new perspective. Deep down, we know it was needed but now we feel cautious, stripped of our usual comforts and defences. With Mars now released from his retrograde cage, energy is driving forwards but with everything in pieces around us, it’s hard to know where to aim next.

Close your eyes and imagine you have wings. Dragonfly wings, shimmering, iridescent, capable of flight both forwards and backwards. Yet for now they feel like foreign objects, as you grow used to the power and mobility they offer. The human race is meant for much better things than the mire it wallows in right now. All this energy expended on power struggles, repression, corruption, war; where has it lead us?

Pluto calls us to recognise and accept the reality of our situation and start making changes, now! Accept we live in an unjust and unequal social system, built on principles of repression and greed, racism and gender inequality. Only when we see a situation clearly and remove the toxic debris can we then take steps to rebuild.

I’m reminded of the end of World War II, when the fighting halted and the bombs stopped, leaving much of Europe and Asia in ruins. Removing rubble and demolishing wreckage took years of heavy work before rebuilding could happen, and it seems 2021 carries these themes. We could look to this time in history and learn some lesson, especially as we edge closer to the brave new world heralded by Jupiter and Saturn’s Grand Conjuctions changing sign from earth to air next month (more on that to come).

In London, rebuilding was haphazard and ill-planned, with many of the housing estates hurriedly thrown up to house those left homeless by the bombs. Those towering tenements of the poor sat cheek-by-jowl with richer terrace suburbs, following the path of bomb blasts instead of more careful and strategic urban planning. There was often tension as community needs differed drastically, and councils struggle with complaints even now. Many are being torn down now, just 50 years after they were built. We can learn from this, especially as we come closer to the epoch change ahead.

Be prepared to be rummaging through your own mess, salvaging what can be kept and ridding yourself of what no longer belongs. And keep a plan in mind for future aims, but one that aligned with high humans values as the air era coming will be calling these in. Fairness, equality, idealism, honesty, integrity; just to name a few. The future is beckoning to us, and it’s time to heed it’s trumpet call and make choices towards it so you don’t become fossilised in the past, like a dragonfly in amber.

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