2021 Capricorn Solstice

Each year as the Sun moves into Capricorn it marks the December Solstice (sol = sun, stiti = to stop), where the sun stands still as it reaches the most southern point of its yearly voyage, the Tropic of Capricorn. Know that sweet moment on a swing where you reach the highest part and pause before swinging back to earth, feeling like you could keep flying into the sky? This is the Sun right now, pausing as it realigns to travel north again and bring light back to those lands now wreathed in winter dimness. Traditionally the solstice is seen as a time when the veil between the seen and unseen worlds is briefly lifted, with more possible connections between humans and energetic beings, and ancients often cautioned not to “go away with the faeries”. In some countries it is celebrated with maypole dancing, symbolising a weaving together of energies that spin into the planet as the pause takes effect.

I’m always so thankful for the Solstice pause, and it feels even more pertinent right now, with Venus retrograding through the same time, hand-in-hand with Pluto. This area of our lives has seen so much dismantling and loss, really since early 2019.  I’m trying to be thankful for the more challenging lessons of Capricorn, including boundaries, control, power, and just where my responsibilities lie but I know we’re all depleted, mentally, emotionally, and physically, as we cannot dismiss the toll constant uncertainty is taking on us. As the Sun slips into cool, calm, and collected Capricorn, the invitation for us all to take stock is even more valuable this year. 

So I’m not going to talk about endurance, resilience, and discipline, that’s all woven been doing for the past three years. Instead, I’m going to remind about the more passive yin energy of this sign, urging to take rest and restoration when needed instead of pushing beyond your limits. The New Moon on 2/3 January will be the opportunity to thrust forwards, but now is time for pressing pause.

Capricorn likes to try to go it alone, but tough times are best weathered with true company, so choose some time-tested companions and walk forward with them, taking turns to share each other’s loads and draw comfort from those moments of togetherness.

Capricorn is also the sign of the mystical sea-goat, who draws on the ancient mystical knowledge to embody quiet strength and deep inner wisdom. Be more like that sea-goat this Capricorn season, with a discipline of devotion towards the unseen, and knowing because you reach out to the unseen with even the smallest step, they will rush headlong towards you. You are not alone, and simply never will be.

*Article partially taken from previous Solstice writings here

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