Meet Alicia

Alicia Yusuf

I am an Australian astrologer, counsellor and healer. Originally from Sydney, I am now based on the Sunshine Coast, and work with clients all over the world.

Who am I? Where to start? Like you, I have many facets. Scientist, astrologer, evolver. Truthseeker, counsellor, nurturer. Wife, mother, ocean lover. Traveller, priestess, friend.

Basically, I have dedicated my life to studying the human condition: why we think, act, and behave the way we do, and what the purpose of being human is. I see human life as a sacred gift, and each of us is as unique as our fingerprints with a specific role to play. What is that role? To embrace this gift of life, all the joy and all the pain, and be ourselves. Authentic. Connected. Free.

I’ve worked in many fields in my life, from international aid and not-for-profits to children’s education and aged care. Always astrology has been there. Supporting others is my passion and astrology is an integral part of how I do this.

I’m lucky enough to work with the stars every day and offer their guidance to you. There are many ways you can work with me. Book in for a consultation, or read my monthly horoscope. You can subscribe to my mailing list to get my articles delivered fresh to your inbox. Listen to me on The Water Trio podcast with my amazing friends and colleagues Kelly Surtees and Cassandra Tyndall.

I am also proud to be on the Steering Committee for the AFAN (Association For Astrological Networking) which is how I give back to this wonderful profession I belong to!

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