April 2018 – The beauty and the pain

This month is the month of starting things anew, with a double dose of new beginning energy. First up is Easter, where the word EASTER anagrams to A RESET. What in your life could do with hitting that reset button? Starting under the Libran new moon, it’s the perfect energy for spending time with loved ones and consuming lots of delicious food over Easter – hmmmm, did anyone say chocolate? It’s also the time to let go of old patterns that no longer work for you around:

  • ways you relate to others

  • your value systems

  • self-value

  • thinking around money

This will allow new things to grow the way you choose, rather than unconsciously being influenced by what you don’t want.

2nd April sees Venus moves away from freedom-loving Uranus and into her home ground of Taurus, bringing a focus on the physical side of life. Being present with the little things, finding moments of serenity, and appreciating the gifts being in our body brings are some examples of the joys this transit will bring. Savouring a delicious meal, treasuring time in nature, relishing a massage, spending special intimate time with your partner… all are very Venus in Taurus things. There are also the qualities she brings here, such as calm, quiet and serenity, and you’ll need those in bucket loads at the moment.

I’m not going to lie, April definitely isn’t all beauty and charm. That same New Moon will highlight the tension of Mars and Saturn meeting up in Capricorn. Both are comfortable here, but it doesn’t mean they will be nice. More like a despot and his chief warrior sitting in their fortress, getting frustrated with each other and firing missiles at anyone who passes by. Frustration abounds, especially with Mercury still retrograde in Aries. Try consciously taking all the patience and calm from Venus and channelling it in the first week or so of April. Or use the positive side of these two by being courageously disciplined or assertively focused on plans or a project that needs to be finished and may have been delayed. The moon passes through Capricorn on 8th and 9th April, bringing any resentment or frustration bubbling to the surface, so stay neutral and balanced in the face of this and use the ease and settlement which a supportive link from Venus will offer, just consciously stretch towards it. If it is overwhelming, try anything that brings you into your body and the present moment, including mindfulness, yoga, deep breathing, quiet time or being in nature.

After the 12th things will ease with the moon moving into gentle dreamy Pisces, best use this time to rest and relax as things will soon liven up. First the moon moves into energetic Aries on 14th and almost pulls Mercury forwards again. Everything that has been on hold for the past few weeks will slowly begin to wake up and regain energy. The 15th will be a tricky day as the Moon again highlights Saturn and Mars. Remember to stay impartial in the face of the onslaught and add coolness instead of heat into any inflamed situations.

The 16th brings the New Moon (11.57am Brisbane, 2.57am London and 9.57pm previous day in New York) and what a New Moon it will be! Being in Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, it signals the beginning of the astrological new year, so here is our next chance as new beginnings, fresh starts, and clean slates this month. It’s a time to take stock of what you’ve learnt from the moon’s cycle through your own chart over the past year, and from Mercury’s backwards motion of the last few weeks. Look back on what you may have started in late March last year, then refine those goals and ambitions to start anew, or use completely new ones! Uranus’s presence will electrify this and bring an unusual and visionary quality to whatever is begun at this time. If you would like to know more about how this new moon will affect you personally and which area of your life to focus in on, you can join my online New Moon Group on Sunday 15th April. Find more details here.

18th will bring back the beauty with a link between Jupiter, Venus and the Moon. A day or two to indulge your senses and bring yourself back to earth. Forgiveness and healing opportunities are available around your emotional well-being in relationships, as long as you are willing to see both sides! Gently peel away the layers of past hurt and pour in forgiveness so everyone can settle into equilibrium again. Cooking a special meal, spending time in nature, giving a gift for the senses, or simple flowers will go a long way to bridge any gaps, as long as it is accompanied by honest, deep and intimate communication. Just be cautious around over dramatizing, as Jupiter can grow things to enormous size when it is not needed.

Uranus and the Sun meeting that can bring an urge for freedom and originality, so making sure you leave room for each to be themselves as that is usually what drew you to each other in the first place. This isn’t just for couples, anyone you are close to or spend a lot of time with, including close friends and business partners.

Grounded energy will be continue to become more available as the Sun moves into practical Taurus on 20th, which will be needed when warrior Mars continues its tour of duty through Capricorn and connects with the powerhouse of Pluto, right while the protective moon in Cancer opposes them. Struggles for power may ensue, and it will have a feeling of fighting for survival, of “do I follow what my brain and ego are screaming to do in their frustrated need to control? Or do I listen to my defensive emotional responses?” Either way, it’s push vs pull and likely to be inflamed and reactionary, so it’s a time to look for a third way, a neutral way, at least until the dust settles. Proactively climbing up to Capricorn’s heights helps us see the broader perspective – it’s easier to be calm and be patient when you look at things from above. It will be interesting to see what comes up on the world stage, especially around violence against women and the gun laws in the US. It will be trigger Donald Trump’s own Saturn (fears, restriction) and Venus (feminine, women) in Cancer (security, protection, family)… I’m wondering what will happen within his marriage and family, especially with his daughter and her role at the White House.

Then the month ends with the Full Moon in Scorpio (30 April at 11.00am Brisbane, 1.00am London, and 8.00pm in New York on the previous day) allowing us to deeply release whatever has been brought up during the month. Scorpio processes and detoxifies to aid purification, so when used well this full moon can rid us of any tensions or drama that built up over this month… because who needs to waste energy holding onto noxious emotions anyway?

Stay conscious and be brave enough to dive right down, as treasure abounds in those depths.

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