Aquarius Full Moon 2020

11 Aquarius | Tuesday 4 August 2020 – 1.58am Brisbane, Monday 3 August 4.58pm London, 11.58am New York and 8.58am Los Angeles

The Full Moon each month is always a counter-point to the spotlight the Sun has been bringing. When opposing forces come together, there is always commonality in the nature of any opposition, like two sides of the same coin, or that black and white are both colours. The commonality of Leo and Aquarius is about the full spectrum of individuality. In Leo we creatively explore ourselves, defining who we are by what we can create and how we shine our unique light into the world; while Aquarius is how we as individuals exist in the context of the society around us, how we push back enough space to exist as our original selves while still connected to others.

This Full Moon dangles a higher perspective to us all, so you can see that point where your individual wants brush up against your very real part in the communities you belong to. It could be that you are holding yourself back from full expression because of fear of judgement or rejection from others that may honestly never happen. Use the square from Uranus to unlock that prison, and Aquarius can allow you to have a higher view of doing no harm as you step into your light. In the same vein, the eagle’s view of Aquarius can analyse where ego-driven wants can cause harm to others and shine a spotlight on a balanced path forward. Here in Australia there has been a prominence of me first behaviour since Leo season began, from conspiracy theorists to allegedly thieving party girls who put their own agendas above the lives and livelihoods of others.

As they say, “pride comes before the fall”, and this Full Moon in Aquarius gives us the important energy to detach from the past. Pride does have its positives, as a key part of being human to feel pleasure and satisfaction from the results of your achievements, encouraging us to strive and endeavour towards fulfilling our aims. Too often, however, we can become caught up in what we have achieved in the past and it blocks us from our future potential. We all know people stuck in the past of their achievements, often satirised in movies about high school reunions. Ego attachment to our accomplishments can lead to a sense of superiority to others, which them impacts the way we behave towards them. Mars in Aries is fuelling this fire right now, and it’s a trap humans have fallen into for eons. The pitfalls of false pride has been warned of from Greek tragedies and mythology to Jane Austen’s timeless “Pride and Prejudice”.

The mountain top view of this Aquarius Full Moon offers detachment from our past achievements. See them as a springboard forward, not a place to remain sitting in. Uranus’s energy may bring some friction, but it’s needed to show just where you have been too stuck in outdated thinking. I’m guessing you wish to grow and evolve in life, not sit in one stagnant place, and so use this Full Moon to consciously let go of old facets of who you have been and what you have achieved that you can connect to your future self.

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