Aquarius Full Moon 2021

29 Aquarius 
Sunday 22 August at 10.01pm Brisbane, 5.01am Pacific, 8.01am Eastern, and 1.01pm London

Neutrality and detachment are the hallmarks of Aquarius, and joy is found in this aloof place as we approach Sunday’s Aquarius Full Moon. Joined to Jupiter, growth and evolution are inherent, along with the seesaw effect these oppositions bring. Sun in Leo chooses the messages of a passionate heart, while the bright Full Moon in Aquarius listens to rational thought but it doesn’t have to be either-or. Both luminaries are at the final degree of these signs, offering the full power of these signs if we can pry it out of the crack that lies there.

It reminds me of Doctor Spock (Star Trek), whose stoic Vulcan mind strove for logic and reason against the deep emotions that run deep within that race. Where Leo loves passion and drama, Aquarius prefers cool logic and rational thought to find solutions. As Spock’s father once counselled “Logic offers a serenity humans seldom experience. The control of feelings so that they do not control you.” Detachment isn’t about not feeling, it’s about creating enough space, even if it’s just a sliver, to change a reaction into a response, to divert heated explosion into cool connection. It’s amazing what a pause can do – a deep breath in, pausing the conversation or neutrally walking away – when we’re feeling overwhelmed.

We’re all standing on the edge of the unknown now, with no idea what’s ahead, and that’s causing a broad variety of reactions. Fear, panic, anxiety and depression are pervading our minds and lives. Yet solutions cannot be found in that space, nor flexibility or change. Stepping back and taking a higher perspective can bring new solutions or unthought-of ideas into focus. Or in its simplest form, it can give relief from the overwhelm of emotions. Meditation, somatic therapy or journaling are all ways to quieten any inner turmoil. These tools also work to soothe the mind and nervous system, which may be pinging with the Aquarius flux as we head into this Full Moon. Jupiter expands whatever it touches, which isn’t always a good thing, so if your mental cogs are in overload try those or any heart-based breathing.

Some questions to ponder under the Full Moon energy:

– Have you found that happy medium of individuality between Leo and Aquarius?

– Did your experiments over the last month show the path ahead?

– What uplift has Jupiter in Aquarius offered you, in the way of inspired ideas or alternative viewpoints.

Mantras for your rising sign for this Full Moon

Aries – “Belonging doesn’t come at the cost of my authenticity”

Taurus – “The path to my success is paved with strong standards and high intentions”

Gemini – “Higher perspective leads to higher connection”

Cancer – “Death isn’t an end, just a new beginning, the cycle of life goes on”

Leo – “A true genuine relationship does not mean vulnerability or loss of freedom”

Virgo – “The path of service is honourable, but don’t require losing my sense of self”

Libra – “The pleasure of mental stimulation fuels my creative flow”

Scorpio – “The deeper my roots, the greater I grow, so I will not loose sight of where I came from”

Sagittarius – “The familiar offers succour in unknown times, as I lay myself in the cradle of Mother Earth”

Capricorn – “Abundance is my birthright, and I release all voices that tell me otherwise”

Aquarius – “Authenticity is my standard and I honour my right to be deeply seen”

Pisces – “Shining a detached light into the depths releases me from the prison of my own making”

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    1. That’s great to know Beau, always love hearing from those who have these placements natally as you are living it!

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