Aquarius Full Moon 2021

1 Aquarius on 23 July at 7.36pm Pacific, 10.36pm Eastern, and 24 July, 3.36am London and 12.36pm Brisbane

With Sun’s time in Leo this year flanked by two Full Moons in Aquarius, the tug between personal freedom and collective responsibility becomes even more obvious. Faced with uncertainty and restriction, it’s no wonder so many are pushing back to assert themselves or find a little breathing room for what is right for their individual self. This Leo Season may find you searching for emancipation as you yearn to throw off strict limits and create from the vibrant and heart-based Leo energy.

Yet as Aquarius beckons us into its world of high morals and ethical standards, these Full Moon bookends will remind of the duties we each have towards the greater good. As the Peter Parker principle tells us “With great power comes great responsibility”. Aquarius examines the ethics by viewing the whole picture with detachment, instead of the black and white “who is right and what is wrong”. This first Full Moon, conjunct the fixed star of Altair, takes our view way up onto the eagles back to claim its gift of far sightedness and impartiality. Happening right before Jupiter moves back into the other end of this inventive sign, this may be the tap on the shoulder to experiment with new ways to meet your individual needs within the requirements of the Aquarius collective. Or work on an innovative idea to shape a better world.

This Full Moon also brings its soft luminous light to that exact point in the sky where Jupiter met Saturn for the great reset last December. You may be dwelling on the echoes of that time, the incredible visions, and exciting insights you downloaded from the cosmos. What dreams met their death since then, and what ideas are in full flight? In what ways have you been able to embrace the unknown?

Aquarius rules the body electrics, circulation and central nervous system, so you’re likely to expect restlessness, nervous energy or extra mental zing under both these Full Moons. Try some of these tips:

  •         Putting your head under the shower before bed, or use a water spray all around the body to remove static and calm the nerves.
  •         Gemstones including amethyst and agate are great nerve supporters, and supplements such as Vitamin B, Magnesium and Zinc are wonderful nerve tonics.
  •         Ground yourself with a barefoot walk in nature, or placing your spine against a tree for 15 minutes
  •         Try a technology detox for a few days to avoid speeding up the mental cogs even further

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