Aquarius full Moon ’22

19 Aquarius | 12 August 11.36am Brisbane, 2.36am London, 11 August 9.36pm Eastern and 6.36pm Pacific

Just when you thought you’d stepped off the rollercoaster, this Full Moon pulls you back in, buckles you in tight and takes you on another ride. At 19 degrees of Aquarius and pressing up against Saturn, this Full Moon spotlights Saturn’s place in all the grind and pressure in the fixed signs right now. With the karmic nodes at play, choices feel “rock-meet-hard-place” challenging right now, and there’s a sense of long-term outcomes at play.

This Aquarius Full Moon is all about finding comfort in the unknown, dancing on the edge of the future, enjoying that rollercoaster ride. That’s where innovation happens, where breakthroughs are possible and where the future lies. In this age of Google, space travel, and social media, it feels like we know everything, that there are no boundaries left to explore. But Saturn’s reality reminds us that we know so little about the planet we live on and the Universe we inhabit. And that’s truly wonderful and exciting!!

At its best, Aquarius can take you to a stepped-back place where you can see the biggest picture imaginable. This eagle’s eye view of the situation encourages an authentic and radical response, motivated by ethical ideals and a strong moral code. It’s unusual energy for the emotional high tides of the Full Moon but if any sign is going to think their way laterally out of a problem, it’s Aquarius.

Yet there’s been so much tension and friction in recent weeks, especially for Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, that holding that larger view feels like a bridge too far. Perhaps you’ve been Mars-Uranus, craving freedom or movement towards energising change, yet feeling blocked in every direction by authorities, rules or responsibilities. Or perhaps you’ve been Saturn, trying to keep within your lines or hold boundaries, but people or situations have been barging over the top.

Either way, the tension is like being on that rollercoaster, knowing the highs and lows are there and the ride will eventually stop. Because it will. The Sun will oppose Saturn on Monday (Sunday in parts of the world) and then Leo season’s wild ride will slow down until October. Expect this Full Moon to be more neutral and detached, allowing you to pull away from the drama of the rollercoaster and instead enjoy the views of the heights and appreciate the grounding of the lows.


  • Be honest with yourself about what you truly have control over. Do you need to have it? Does responsibility really lie with you? Saturn in Aquarius reminds us that control can be an illusion, often a product of our minds.
  • Check-in on the foundations and structures in your life, how you maintain yourself and what rules you have. Do they still align with your current ethics and purpose? Or has then been drift causing friction as you aim one way but feel anchored in another?


Mantras for your rising sign for this Full Moon

Aries – “Belonging doesn’t come at the cost of my authenticity”

Taurus – “The path to my success is paved with strong standards and high intentions”

Gemini – “Higher perspective leads to higher connection”

Cancer – “Death isn’t an end, just a new beginning, the cycle of life goes on”

Leo – “A true genuine relationship does not mean vulnerability or loss of freedom”

Virgo – “The path of service is honourable, but don’t require losing my sense of self”

Libra – “The pleasure of mental stimulation fuels my creative flow”

Scorpio – “The deeper my roots, the greater I grow, so I will not loose sight of where I came from”

Sagittarius – “The familiar offers succour in unknown times, as I lay myself in the cradle of Mother Earth”

Capricorn – “Abundance is my birthright, and I release all voices that tell me otherwise”

Aquarius – “Authenticity is my standard and I honour my right to be deeply seen”

Pisces – “Shining a detached light into the depths releases me from the prison of my own making”

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