Aquarius New Moon 2021

23 Aquarius | Brisbane – 12 February, 5.05am, London – 11 February, 7.05pm, New York – 11 February, 2.05pm, Los Angeles – 11 February, 11.05am

Aquarius New Moon 2021

Can I just say I love Aquarius energy?!? So much I married someone with an Aquarian Sun. Who doesn’t love their ability to see limitations as optional, the rules as only guidance, and hurdles as just problems that don’t yet have a solution. Once it hits a roadblock, this active yang sign goes off to the amazing world in their head to think, cogitate and ruminate until they hit on that one unique idea that creates a molehill out of that seemingly insurmountable mountain. And usually in a calm, unflappable way their detachment allows.

Years ago, when I was still working in non-profits, most of my colleagues had Aquarius in their charts somewhere. People who had left high-flying positions in the Capricorn corporate world because they saw possibilities beyond that mountain top they had achieved, and saw that their unique skills and talents could make a real difference and build better communities around the world. Being in a brainstorming session there was awe-inspiring, as ideas and inspirations flashed up around the room. Yet it took us Scorpio and Taurus types to make their visions a reality, as the Aquarians were generally off chasing the next exciting development or applying themselves to solving a new problem.

These are the possibilities for all of us right now, to take the incredible visions and exciting insights we’ve downloaded from the cosmos over the past few months, and see just how we can shape them into something real and tangible in the weeks ahead. The Venus-Jupiter conjunction a few hours previous does offer the connections and optimism we need to push the inner hurdles we create for ourselves. And I’m so excited to see the developments possible in six months’ time as we see not one but two Aquarius Full Moon’s drawing this New Moon’s season to a close. Taking experimental results and having a chance to fine-tune outcomes; yes, please!

One teeny-tiny drawback can be the fixed mentality of this sign, and this narrows the minds capacity to take on outside ideas or plans.  I did notice in that same workplace there was often tension when one Aquarian’s idea clashed with another… both totally believing their idea was on the only idea that could solve the problem and save the world. So we do need to beware of straying into the territory of my idea or the highway thinking under this New Moon.

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