Aquarius New Moon 2022

12 Aquarius on 1 February at 3.46pm Brisbane, 5.46am London and 12.46am Eastern, and Monday 31 January at 9.46pm Pacific

I’ve been re-reading “Heidi” with my daughter lately, and now have a craving for the refreshing air and clarity of perspective in those mountainous heights. Usually, where Aquarius lies in our charts is like those Swiss mountain ranges – neutral territory, where a challenging climb is worth the effort to reach quiet respite above the fog and commotion of the world below.  It also recalls the Von Trapp family in the Sound of Music movie escaping into those mountains; away from war and pain towards freedom and a new future.

Yet the neutral zone of Aquarius has been sorely tested in the last 12 months, with Saturn travelling through here bringing restrictions and constraints, while buffeted by Uranus’s howling winds of change. So many have felt stuck trying to find that happy place between individual freedoms and collective responsibility, and this New Moon will carry that theme onwards. Sandwiched right between Saturn and Uranus, this New Moon reminds you that when you let go of what you think you know, and put your trust in the unknown, new solutions come out of unexpected places.

Some of the themes to draw on for your New Moon manifesting:

Innovation and boundary riding

Aquarius asks us to bend the rules, colour outside the lines, and blaze new trails into unknown territory so we don’t stagnate in the tried and tested. Where could you shake up your thinking or interrupt your plans to find an unusual new perspective?

Ethical action and humanitarian ideals

This community focused sign asks us to think big picture, and find innovative solutions to the whole human race. Check in with your ethics – are you walking your talk? Are there small (or large) changes you could make in your life that could help humanity as a whole?

Impartial and detached

I’m always reminded of the eagle’s viewpoint with Aquarius, how from a height all drama and tumult dies away. Tap into the detachment of the Aquarian energy to get real perspective on any issues you may be having. Sometimes its when you walk away from a problem that the solution becomes obvious!

You could also try tackling the shadow side of this sign – rebellion for shock value, addiction to chaos and rigid mentality are all habits to break under this New Moon. For more on this New Moon and the fortnight ahead, head to my YouTube channel here

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