Aquarius New Moon 2023

1 Aquarius – 23 January 6.53am Brisbane, 22 January 8.53pm UK, 3.53pm Eastern and 12.53pm Pacific

After a sluggish beginning, you may feel 2023 will pick up the pace with this New Moon. We’ve now entered a period where there are no planets in retrograde motion until the end of April. Combined with Jupiter in initiative-driven Aries, this New Moon pushes the lever to full steam ahead on plans shelved for months, perhaps even years. The world is open again but in a new normal, and this Aquarius New Moon is giving us all a higher view of just what our next steps will be.

Aquarius is an air sign with a futuristic bent, so engage your mind and intellect as you project into the future of 2023 and beyond. It has much to offer those seeking to grow personally so they can move towards solving some real issues in the world. Get idealistic. Cross your mental walls. Think laterally. Be experimental. Innovate your solutions. It’s time to throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks, not caring about mistakes or what drops away. I do love the neutral “don’t mind” perspective of this sign, which can look drama in the face and dismiss it as noise. Set goals that fit ethical criteria, or have a logical rationale for the best results with this energy.

This New Moon is applying to sextile Jupiter in Aries, which means a little work goes a long way as long. Dynamic growth is at our fingertips again yet with Aquarius there is a sense of needing space to think – it’s unlikely to leap before looking, and thinking deeply. Like the eagle often linked to this sign, try to scan your terrain ahead from a great height, seeing what you’re hungry for from different perspectives, examining for other options, before finally rapidly diving towards your chosen direction with committed focus. It also picks up the area of our chart where Pluto will focus over the next two years, so goals or intentions set around empowerment and bringing the hidden to the light will serve you from March until June.

In terms of relationships, this New Moon encourages you to cleave to that which brings stability and commitment, knowing you’re in it together for the long term while also allowing each other freedom as individuals. A partnership isn’t about merging into one or controlling each other. If freedom isn’t there, then it’s not a fair connection. As Venus meets Saturn in Aquarius, co-present and ruling this New Moon, we are reminded that we are drawn to others for who they are, and beware in meddling with changing that which we love as we may not recognise the outcome.

I will be on a plane mid-way over the Indian Ocean at this New Moon, finally travelling overseas to visit family after our 2020 plans were shelved. I hope exciting new relationships, plans and projects are hatched under this New Moon energy for you too!

4 thoughts on “Aquarius New Moon 2023”

  1. Thanks for this enlightening insight into the new moon coming soon.
    Happy and safe travels, Leigh

  2. Sylvia Hamilton

    Enjoy your long awaited visit to Israel with family, I have recently returned from my cruise to Israel. Looking forward to hearing of your exciting travels, keep safe.

    1. Thanks Sylvia, it was wonderful being back with family, and hope you enjoyed your cruise! It’s an amazing place, steeped in history x

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