Aries Full Moon 2020

9 Aries – 1 October at 2.05pm Pacific, 5.05pm Eastern, 10.05pm BST, and 2 October at 7.05am AEST

Phew, how are you all going? The last few days have been rough seas and we’re not out of the storm yet. Saturn is now griding forwards while still in range of that tense square to irritable Mars, so all the internal fears you’ve been tussling with are dragged to centre stage. And speaking of Mars, the red planet has a lot of air time this week, and his current held-back energy is ruling tomorrow’s Aries Full Moon.

The Moon through the cardinal signs has brought tension, angst and drama in the last 4 weeks, and as the Moon moves through Aries over the next few days will be even more so. Happening in the area of our lives that Mars has been backtracking through for the last few weeks, the themes of not new. Like a petrol on a fire, this Full Moon can heat up or overdramatise whatever has felt just irritating or frustrating, as emotions overtake logic and reason. Trapped resentments or hidden angst may be pulled to the surface, faster than your conscious parts can control.

For those who are part of my New Moon Magic workshops, it’s time to revisit your package, set up those altars and prepare for the fire ritual. The cooling and calming Full Moon meditation is also now live for you to download. I’m making that available to all my readers as a gift – we need all the caring and kindness we can get right now, huh?!

Suggestions for this Full Moon
Full Moons are always sensitive and emotional, and adding in Mars makes it heated, inflamed and, quite honestly, a few drops of irrational. As always, putting the planets to good use lessens their energy, so here’s a few tips for using this heat in positive ways:

Aries is the pioneer, who heads off into new horizons following their own path. This energy waits for no-one and rarely heeds criticism from armchair critics. Where can you cut yourself free from the judgement or expectations of others? Follow your own path? Take time out for yourself?

Get active
If you have excess energy to burn, go with it and get active. Running, leaping, swimming, dancing, yoga – get that blood pumping through your veins! If it’s pent up aggression or frustration, take it out a punching bag, pavement or just pummelling your couch with a pillow.

Cooling practices
Excess heat can be managed with colling foods, including melons, cucumbers, apples, leafy green vegetables and coconuts. Or try coconut water, aloe vera juice or just water with a sprig of mint to cool and calm the digestion. A cool footbath with a few drops of peppermeint can help calm and draw heat and irritation from your system. Or try the cooling meditation I’m offering this months.

Purification ritual
Think of this Full Moon as a hot mustard poultice you can use to draw out those internal toxins, once and for all. The process is messy, hot and painful, yet you know you can’t ignore it. As the collective energies are shifting, we no longer have the luxury to find the right time to deal with our stuff. It has to be in the moment, and often on the run. Lance that boil, let the anger/irritation/resentment flood out and then the healing process can begin. Try one of the below suggestions or include your own:

  • write about whatever is causing anger or frustration in recent months, for example a letter to a person in your life now or in the past. Then light a fire and burn it, recognising it as a purifying energy for the relationship or situation so you can release it.
  • journal or talk with someone you trust about your assertion style, where it needs some tweaking to bring it into balance.
  • try a heat treatment to encourage detoxification – think sauna, spa or Ayurveda hot oil treatment

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