Aries Full Moon 2021

27 Aries
21 October at 12.56am Brisbane, 20 October 3.56pm London, 10.56am Eastern and 7.56am Pacific

Aries doesn’t do things lightly, and this week’s Aries Full Moon will sure bring some dramatic energy to the table! Full Moons are always about contradictions, but this one is especially so. With ALL the focus on Libra right now, especially with that Mercury retrograde, so many of us have been revisiting relationships and the “we” area of our lives. Yet Aries’ thrust for independence and focus on individual desires drags the focus away from all the cooperation and co-mingling Libra invites.

This is the tightrope dance of all relationships, finding the right balance between autonomy and belonging, connection and freedom. Esther Perel says it best – “Love rests on two pillars: surrender and autonomy. Our need for togetherness exists alongside our need for separateness. One does not exist without the other.”

With Mars ruling this Full Moon from Libra itself, the contradictions are strongly felt, and with it forming a square to deep Pluto it’s not just change on the table, but metamorphotic possibilities. Mars in Libra is conflict averse at the best of time, but if you can acknowledge that conflict is inherent to two humans or more coming together, you’ll be starting out ahead. Tension or difference don’t spell the end, instead it’s the crucible in which deeper intimacy can bloom through cathartic conversations. You know those arguments, when you’re willing to put aside your own agenda and truly listen? And suddenly your partner tells a truth that totally shift your perspective of them and suddenly you see what drives them more. That’s the gift of conflict used well, as a place of openness, area for understanding, a pathway towards growth.

Relationships are ever-changing, more complex than the individuals who are create them. That’s why they need constant effort and don’t suffer well with complacency, as you need to find that balance again, and again, and again. And here is the gift of this Full Moon, a time to take all we have gleaned and discovered during your relationship focus over Libra season to come into what is needed right now, in this present moment, and actively create balance there. Not from last year, nor the day you met, but now.

Other suggestions for this Full Moon

Full Moons are always sensitive and emotional, and with the fire of Mars stamped all over this one, expect inflammation, heat and, quite honestly, a few drops of irrational. As always, putting the planets to good use lessens their energy, so here’s a few tips for using this heat in positive ways:


Aries is the pioneer, who heads off into new horizons following their own path. This energy waits for no-one and rarely heeds criticism from armchair critics. Where can you cut yourself free from the judgement or expectations of others? Follow your own path? Take time out for yourself?

Get active

If you have excess energy to burn, go with it and get active. Running, leaping, swimming, dancing, yoga – get that blood pumping through your veins! If it’s pent up aggression or frustration, get out into nature, take great strides or scream your woes into a strong breeze.

Cooling practices

Excess heat can be managed with colling foods, including melons, cucumbers, apples, leafy green vegetables and coconuts. Or try coconut water, aloe vera juice or just water with a sprig of mint to cool and calm the digestion. A cool footbath with a few drops of peppermeint can help calm and draw heat and irritation from your system. Also, slow walking in nature can be a cooling ritual to ease frustration and irritation, try stepping at 24 bpm to get into the right pace.

Purification ritual

With Pluto in the mix, this Full Moon is like a hot mustard poultice you can use to draw out those internal toxins, once and for all. The process is messy, hot and painful, yet you know you can’t ignore it. As the collective energies are shifting, we no longer have the luxury to find the right time to deal with our stuff. It has to be in the moment, and often on the run. Lance that boil, let the anger/irritation/resentment flood out and then the healing process can begin. Try one of the below suggestions or include your own:

  • write about whatever is causing anger or frustration in recent months, for example a letter to a person in your life now or in the past. Then light a fire and burn it, recognising it as a purifying energy for the relationship or situation so you can release it.
  • journal or talk with someone you trust about your assertion style, where it needs some tweaking to bring it into balance.
  • try heat treatments to purge and purify – sauna, spa or Ayurveda hot oil treatment.

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  1. Love the suggestions on how to deal with this energy Alicia, particularly the cooling practices 🙂

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