Aries Full Moon 2023

The last lunation before eclipse season, but this still has the tow of the Moon’s nodes involved, with ruler Mars close to the South Node in Libra.

As relationship themes continue, friction between autonomy and dependance is running hot under this spicy Full Moon. Ruled by Mars, right now feeling the discomfort of Libra, and happening on the same day as Venus square Uranus, there’s a feeling of reactivity that could cause misunderstandings or separations. Emotions always run high on Full Moons, and the match strike of Aries needs to be applied carefully. Check to see if it’s is a hearth fire or petrol tank you’re applying the flame to?

If you’re itching for Aries independence, then look at just where you’re feeling hemmed in. Is it your own fears keeping you locked in place? Are you following the judgements and expectations of others? Aries also likes to keep it honest, so open conversations with loved ones may bring a solution neither of you thought of.

Full Moons are periods of release, and in Aries you may choose to let go of something that has been irritating or frustrating you, or old anger you no longer need. Looking back to intentions set under the Aries New in March you may also help you see how far you’ve come and what goals you can now let go of as you come to the peak of a cycle there.

Physical energy is likely to be high in this period, so if you have excess energy to burn, go with it and get active. Running, leaping, swimming, dancing, yoga – get that blood pumping through your veins! If it’s pent-up aggression or frustration, get out into nature, take great strides or scream your woes into a strong breeze.

Cooling practices may also help, such as eating cooling foods (melons, cucumbers, apples, leafy green vegetables and coconuts) or try coconut water, aloe vera juice or just water with a sprig of mint to cool and calm the digestion. A cool footbath with a few drops of peppermint can help calm and draw heat and irritation from your system. Also, slow walking in nature can be a cooling ritual to ease frustration and irritation, try stepping at 24 bpm to get into the right pace.

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