Aries New Moon ’21

22 Aries at 12 April Brisbane – 12.30pm, London – 3.30am, 11 April New York – 10.30pm, Los Angeles – 7.30pm

The Aries New Moon is always an exciting time of the year, newness within newness, an opportunity to harness the fresh, new start feeling of Aries and carry it forwards. After the past 12 months, it feels thrilling to know you get a chance to wipe the slate clean and start anew.

For many, lockdown has been difficult and yet it hled the possibility of a reset button the world needed. Now you get to make the choice – will you bravely press reset and enter the unknown or climbing back onto the old, safe merry-go-round of life? This Aries New Moon is a chance to reflect on the type of meaningful existence you truly desire and then initiate an action plan to create it. A joyful sextile to Jupiter adds extra oomph and optimism, as hope flares and builds our faith that better times are ahead, especially with Jupiter moving into magical Pisces in just over a month. Each New Moon see’s it’s effects last until the Full Moon in the same sign… and the October Aries Full Moon is also sextile to Jupiter in Aquarius. You have magic seeds in your grasp, you just want to be sure of where the fertile soil lies and just what will flourish forth from it!

What frustrated you in isolation will likely be where your priorities lie now. The secret relief you felt is a hidden message of what to let go of. If you feel nervous about emerging back into “normal life”, knowing what you don’t want shines a strong light on what you need to honour now. Aries doesn’t do social niceties or people pleasing, it does what it wants, honestly and directly, for better or for worse. I’m not saying stick your finger up to everyone, but it’s better to be upfront and honest to avoid disppointment and expectations.

Aries also emboldens you to say no or cut off from what no longer serves you, and perhaps you’re already able to identify the deadwood Mar’s sharp edge can hack away. Honesty and directness are the hallmarks of Aries, and with warrior Mars and messenger Mercury working together, thoughts easily translate into action and messages pass with alacrity. It comes with a warning though, minds may be racing so do beware of impulse or hasty actions – slow down enough to look before you leap or think before you speak. Luckily Venus is wrapped up in this New Moon, so it can soothe and cool where the sharp edges or tongues have caused hurt, though Venus in it’s detriment has been known to bring jealousy and possessiveness so watch for this possible thimble prick from the Venus in Aries horns.

If you’d like to grab the ram by the horns and harness this New Moon energy, try my New Moon Magic workshop this month or register for my Moon follower group – the Circle of Selene.

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  1. Lindsey Gregory

    Excited for this one. Reading this had me looking through a telescope into the potential future. Lovely words. Thank you!

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