Aries Season, March Equinox and Full Moon in Libra

The Sun moves into Aries on Thursday (21 March, 7.58am AEST) and, as always, it brings the Equinox with it. It’s usually a time of new start hope, fresh with Aries vitality, courage and spontaneity. Yet this year all that energy is tempered when Aries season starts. Mars (Aries’ ruler) is still in steady Taurus and Mercury is slowly backtracking in Pisces, joining up with mystical Neptune later this week. This Equinox has the added release of the Full Moon in Libra just under 4 hours later (11.45am AEST), the first of two Full Moons in that same sign.

This all makes me think of travelling through a misty, fairy tale woods, like in Little Red Riding Hood and Hansel & Gretel. Or Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. Even Star Wars. Those woods are deep, foreboding places, obstacles meant to fill you with dread, and yet to achieve success those dark paths must be travelled. A journey like this requires the Aries attributes of courage and boldness, plus the tenacity and patience of Taurus to allow the process to properly unfold. At the start of such stories, the characters enter not knowing what is going to happen, yet they depart with wisdom and self-awareness.

So place yourself in that story, and take each day as it comes. Believe in the Aries energy that is there, offering confidence and daring when you need it, and the protection of Mars’ sword of truth to be swung at the shadows. Listen to what comes from that Full Moon in Libra and let go of vacillation or pleasing others at your own expense. Instead, the whispered advice or words of encouragement coming from true loved ones can be like signposts in the dark. Turn inwards and listen to your intuition as Mercury retrograde is calling you to do, your higher self can guide you best of all. As Yoda said, It’s ok to take a step at a time for now and trust that the pace will pick up with the New Moon in Aries on 5 April (6.05pm AEST). By the next Libran Full Moon on 19 April, you’ll walk out the other side of those woods with a confident swing in your step and a knowing glint in your eye, having battled shadows and danced with faeries. And then do as Yoda advises, “Do or do not. There is no try.”

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