Aries Solar Eclipse

29 Aries – 20 April 2.12pm Brisbane, 5.12am London, 00.12am Eastern and 19 April 9.12pm Pacific

The winds of change slam Aries season shut with a bang tomorrow! One area of your life feels supercharged as the incoming tide of tomorrow’s North Node Eclipse in Aries encounters the generous energy Jupiter has been bestowing here since the December solstice. The combustible nature of Aries is hurling balls of opportunity straight at your face and hopefully, you’re realising that you have to put something down so you can catch the new coming your way. The question to ponder is; what will you put down so you can open your arms to catch? And what can go through to the keeper?

The second of two New Moons bookending the sign of Aries this year, the themes are clean slates, forward thrust, and independent action. The March New Moon was like a door opening to brand new territory, all pure, undiluted Aries as we gazed around with fresh and innocent eyes. This last degree, a point said to be powerful and fated, is full of experience and knowledge. It’s been there, done that, and as we reach the end of this particular Aries season hopefully you’ve learned lessons about overpromising, impatience, and burnout.

This degree speaks to the liminal space, opening a door to move somewhere new and the price of the new is letting go of the old, even if you’re not quite ready. I often refer to eclipses as sliding door moments when decisions feel potent and significant. You may be wondering “What would life be like if I’d done this…” or “What will happen if I choose that” but the reality is there is no right path or perfect destination, just life as it is right now in this present moment. 

This eclipse is also the first of a string of eclipses in Aries and Libra until March 2025. Like the fresh puff of breeze that heralds the stronger winds of change that arrive when the North Node moves into Aries on 18 July, so expect changes and interruptions in this area of your life for the next two years. What’s also interesting is the next two weeks bring an eclipse season that exactly mirrors that of April/May 2004, so cast your mind back to what was happening around that time to understand possible themes to revisit again.

Mars in Cancer ruling this eclipse brings an interesting intersection between feelings and actions, though you’re likely to be more emotionally reactive as the eclipse energy sets off nervous systems and old wounds are brought to light. Pluto’s square aspect to this eclipse, and the Moon’s nodes in general, is like a poultice drawing out toxicity but this cathartic process is likely to feel uncomfortable at best. A planet in this position, knowns as the bends, uses its specific energy to help us evolve but it’s our choices that take us up or down that pole of growth. Pluto abhors concealment and rules power dynamics and control so tread carefully and shine a strong torch on the path ahead for the next few days, weeding out reactions informed by fear or shame. My sense is rash impulses and hasty decisions could carry a heavy toll.


  • Press pause on major decisions if you can, for a few days at least, or until the end of the eclipse season on 6 May
  • Slow down, drink lots of water, eat cooling foods, swim in the ocean, even fast for a few days; whatever you can try to soften the heat and fervor of this potent eclipse
  • Don’t try manifesting rituals under an eclipse. Instead, look back at the seeds planted under the last New Moon then focus on weeding out whatever may be choking or holding back efforts started then

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