Twelfth house transits – Embracing rest

As the Sun moves into Pisces soon, I’m focused on ways to consciously retreat from the world and create time for quietness. Some of this relates to the energy of Pisces but Pisces season is not the only reason. When …

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Aquarius New Moon 2021

Inventive solutions abound under this innovative New Moon

Full MoonMoon

Leo Full Moon 2021

Find a quiet confidence with this 2021 Leo New Moon


Saturn square Uranus

The main astrological backdrop to this year is a tense series of squares between the constrictive authoritarian forces of Saturn and rebellious, unpredictable energy of Uranus – these will occur on 18 February, 15 June and 24 December. Whenever these …

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Capricorn New Moon ’21

Move through the pain before focusing on the future so you dont carry it forwards with you


Mars in Taurus

Stay grounded and build your lofty ideals as Mars moves through Taurus in 2021

AstroFull Moon

Cancer Full Moon

This Cancer Full Moon asks to reflect on the year past as you plan your future ahead


Saturn in Aquarius

Ground your ideas and ethics with Saturn in Aquarius


Sagittarius Solar Eclipse

 14 December – London 4.16pm, Eastern 11.16am, Pacific 8.16am, 15 December – Brisbane 2.16am. Sagittarius 23 – What’s the truth behind the truth? The coming New Moon is in fact a Solar eclipse, and as such isn’t about intention setting or manifesting the new. …

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