Scorpio Season 2020

Wade into the cooling waters of Scorpio’s pool but beware of the beasties below.

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Libra New Moon 2020

Find the balance within before looking outside with this Libra New Moon

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Aries Full Moon 2020

9 Aries – 1 October at 2.05pm Pacific, 5.05pm Eastern, 10.05pm BST, and 2 October at 7.05am AEST Phew, how are you all going? The last few days have been rough seas and we’re not out of the storm yet. Saturn is …


Managing Anger

I had so many responses to the IG story I did about anger over the weekend and with this Mars week ahead potentially being a strong trigger, here’s a deeper dive into anger, what’s underneath it anger and how we …


Astrology of 2020 Spring Equinox – Australia Looking Ahead

As we reach the Sun’s Ingress into Libra and the 2020 Spring equinox, we can use the chart of the exact time of the in Canberra to make predictions about the possibilities of what is ahead. The Gemini Ascendant is …


Virgo New Moon 2020

New Moon at 25 Virgo – 17 September Brisbane – 9.00pm, London – 12.00pm, New York – 7.00am, Los Angeles – 4.00am Virgo always reminds me of clockmakers, as this Mercury rules sign loves getting it’s hands and mind into …

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Full Moon in Pisces 2020

10 Pisces – 1 September at 10.21pm Pacific, 2 September 1.21am Eastern, 6.21am BST, 3.21pm AEST As intuition is heightened, inner voices push to the surface, pleading to be heard. The outer world seems crumpled and faded beside the rich …

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Leo New Moon 2020

26 Leo 19 August – Brisbane 12.41pm, London, 3.41am 18 August New York 10.41pm and Los Angeles 7.41pm Over the last month, as the Sun’s bright light shone through Leo’s filter, messages and hints tapped you on the shoulder. In …


Venus in Cancer 2020

Venus is the final planet to travel through Cancer this year and like a mother arriving to sweeping up the fragments of a broken toy/game/heart, she’s here to offer tender consolation and heart-felt empathy to those sensitive parts that have …

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