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Taurus New Moon 2021

21 Taurus on 12 May at 4.59am in Brisbane, and 11 May at 7.59pm in London, 2.59pm Eastern and 11.59am Pacific With the mists of Neptune whirling around this Taurus New Moon, the energy reminds me of a dawn walk on a misty …

Full MoonMars

Scorpio Full Moon 2021

Full Moon – 7 Scorpio 26 April at 8.32pm Pacific, 11.32pm Eastern and 27 April 4.32am London, 1.32pm Brisbane This Scorpio Full Moon indicates a crossroads, as this Moon languidly draws it’s fingers  across the tense strings of the year’s main aspect …

AstroMarsNew Moon

Aries New Moon ’21

22 Aries at 12 April Brisbane – 12.30pm, London – 3.30am, 11 April New York – 10.30pm, Los Angeles – 7.30pm The Aries New Moon is always an exciting time of the year, newness within newness, an opportunity to harness the fresh, new …

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Libra Full Moon 2021

Finding beauty in the Moon under this Libra Full Moon

AstroNew Moon

Pisces New Moon 2021

How will you make use of the Pisces New Moon magical flow?


Twelfth house transits – Embracing rest

As the Sun moves into Pisces soon, I’m focused on ways to consciously retreat from the world and create time for quietness. Some of this relates to the energy of Pisces but Pisces season is not the only reason. When …

AstroForecastMoonNew Moon

Aquarius New Moon 2021

Inventive solutions abound under this innovative New Moon

Full MoonMoon

Leo Full Moon 2021

Find a quiet confidence with this 2021 Leo New Moon


Saturn square Uranus

The main astrological backdrop to this year is a tense series of squares between the constrictive authoritarian forces of Saturn and rebellious, unpredictable energy of Uranus – these will occur on 18 February, 15 June and 24 December. Whenever these …

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