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Capricorn New Moon ’21

Move through the pain before focusing on the future so you dont carry it forwards with you


Mars in Taurus

Stay grounded and build your lofty ideals as Mars moves through Taurus in 2021

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Cancer Full Moon

This Cancer Full Moon asks to reflect on the year past as you plan your future ahead


Saturn in Aquarius

Ground your ideas and ethics with Saturn in Aquarius


Sagittarius Solar Eclipse

 14 December – London 4.16pm, Eastern 11.16am, Pacific 8.16am, 15 December – Brisbane 2.16am. Sagittarius 23 – What’s the truth behind the truth? The coming New Moon is in fact a Solar eclipse, and as such isn’t about intention setting or manifesting the new. …

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Gemini Lunar Eclipse

8 Gemini – Monday, 30 NovemberBrisbane – 7.29pm, London – 9.29am, Eastern – 4.29am, Pacific – 1.29am The Gemini Full Moon is always heady, as the curious, social nature of this sign is lit up. However, add in an eclipse …


Sagittarius Season 2020

Look up for inspiration, hope and meaning during Sagittarius Season 2020

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Scorpio New Moon

Finding hope in dark times This New Moon is at 23 Scorpio at these timings:Brisbane – 15 November, 3.07pmLondon – 15 November, 5.07amNew York – 15 November, 12.07amLos Angeles – 14 November, 9.07pm As spring’s beauty withers and dies in …


2020’s final Jupiter-Pluto conjunction

2020 has changed us – irrevocably. This final Jupiter-Pluto conjunction finds us like a butterfly newly emerged from its chrysalis, clinging to a leaf, wet wings shivering in the breeze. Raw. Vulnerable. Tentative. Yet also filled with anticipation of what …

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