Astrology Update – Mars Station, Full Moon in Pisces

Mars stationing to go direct tomorrow is, as my friend Cassandra Tyndall described, like that moment when a bowstring is drawn as far back as far as it will go. I see it as that moment full of tension towards impending release and yet also that moment of pause and stillness to balance and realign ourselves towards our target. That time to we see what is needed, then focus and apply the right amount of tension so that arrow flies straight and true towards it mark.

Mars has travelled first forward, then backwards over late Capricorn and early Aquarius since 13 May. Depending on where this falls in your chart will indicate the area of your life that is being charged and changed. Is there a major theme that has been going on since then? Perhaps the learning has been around frustrations you are having at what is holding you back, or in finding exactly what it is you want. Maybe it’s been about managing anger, or growing muscles of calm and patience. Or having reminders from relationships that mirror what has changed for you and how far you have come. If you were born between 17 and 30 January, or if you have other personal planets in this area, then the lessons have been deeper for you. From now until 11 October, you get another chance to revisit these issues or another go at setting things right and putting your ducks in a row. However this time will be with renewed energy, obstacles removed and the blindfold off.

Imagine you are the archer in the stillness of that moment, with your finger pulling back on that bowstring and the arrow notched… do you just let it fly willy-nilly? Or instead take a deep breath, find your target and then set your aim? And this is where the beauty of the Universal cogs comes into play. Tonight’s Full Moon in Pisces adds our hopes and visions to Mars’ wants and drives. Think of things in your life that are fuelled by your passion and connected to your soulful longings. And ensure you release any dreams which are pure fantasy as they will muddy the water. And there’s more, as the current grand Earth trine between Uranus in Taurus, the Sun in Virgo and Saturn in Capricorn also offers practical, constructive energy into all of this, so use new any perceptions and insights to add extra aspirations to your purpose. And then let that arrow fly…

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