Cancer Full Moon

8 Cancer
30 December – 1.28pm Brisbane, 3.28am London
29 December – 10.28pm Eastern, 7.28pm Pacific

Coming to the end of this year, 20:20 vision has a new meaning. As you dwell back on the year past, your new perspective allows you to see it from a higher level, or in a new light. The Sun in Capricorn looks forward and thinks strategically about the future ahead, yet the coming Cancer Full Moon asks us to reflect on what has passed and integrate it in. The Moon turns our vision within, to our unconscious lives, so we can reflect on all levels about the path forward with this new higher 2020 insight. Freedom-loving Uranus is involved with this Full Moon, beckoning us to find new ways forward and see new perspectives to the Cancer themes of growth, home, family and protection.

Wednesday’s Full Moon returns us to the scene of the recent battlefield, shining its insightful light on those spaces where discomfort, loss and constriction filled our lives. For the first time since December 2017, la Luna can find comfort in its own home space, even though it looks different now. I’m reminded of Europeans returning to their homes post World War II; sifting through rubble and debris to find traces of the familiar, of their previous lives. Some were lucky enough to find their homes intact, but their neighbourhood was forever changed, as were their communities and societies.

Yet this Pluto in Cancer generation didn’t give up. As stories of the time tell, the rebuild happened through people pulling together and working as a community. Families helped families, neighbours supported neighbours and from the ruins rose new homes, new communities, and a new society. With it was born hope for a new future beyond the pain of the recent war. And though it all, they were strengthened and tested their own resilience as they redefined the meaning of home.

Protection and growth

New requires safe space to grow within; from a seeding under the forest canopy to a baby in the womb. What do you wish to give new life to? And what protection will you need to create for it? And are there old protections in place you no longer need? As a child discards their cradle, let go of what you too have outgrown so it doesn’t hold you back.


A crying child turns to loving person and their warm embrace in times of pain or hurt. Comfort is essential during loss, and in the last few years did you notice your usual comfort systems fall short or even cause harm? A soulful balm often lies in the past, with pursuits and nurturing you loved as a child. Reflect back on what brought you joy then for hints of where to turn now.

Belonging and home

Belonging is a key ingredient of humanity, feeling part of something else. And yet in the detritus of 2020’s crumbling, it’s hard to know just where we still fit. Reflect on here you belong now and what feels like home to you? A place? A person? A group? Or perhaps simply a state of being? Think on how you can strengthen that feeling more, and find a sense of home that doesn’t rely on externals. It may also mean letting go of what you belonged to in the past, thankful and yet ready to move on.

Wishing you all the sweet and simple joys that Cancer can offer as we slide into 2021 with this energy holding our hands.

3 thoughts on “Cancer Full Moon”

  1. Thanks for a deeply nourishing message Alicia. Your insights are of great value. When I think of Cancer moon, i recall the American settlers wagons being pulled into a circle to form an inner safe place for feeding & resting on the journey, and an outer protective barrier against unwanted visitors. Like the crab’s soft underbelly combined with the hard outer shell, this is the duality & skill of Cancerian energy. Blessings for 2021. Tessa

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