Cancer Full Moon 2022

27 Cancer – 18 January at 9.48 am Brisbane, 17 January at 11.48 pm London, 6.48 pm Eastern and 3.48 pm Pacific

Capricorn isn’t where we dream, it’s where we do, where the rubber hits the road, and drive and determination take us forwards. Gritted teeth and tense muscles levering against the skeleton’s stability to climb higher. Its opposite, Cancer, is the softness of a warm embrace, gentle words of encouragement, and the nourishment of soulful food. The place where, when well protected, we can slip into comfort, vulnerability and allow tears to fall.

It is our unexpressed sorrows, the congested stories of loss, that, when left unattended, block our access to the soul”. Francis Weller

With Mercury now retrograde, as well as Venus, and Jupiter in poignant Pisces, the “pause and turn within” button has been well and truly pressed. Full Moons generally pull the subconscious to the surface, but with the Sun conjunct Pluto this one opens a release valve that tugs from the crevices deep within. This watery Full Moon brings the tide in, so do prepare for an emotional wave to flow through your world. Happening right where Venus stationed to go retrograde in late December, this Full Moon is the next stage of the heroine’s journey, where we realise that the feminine isn’t all “sugar and spice and all things nice” but contains deep power that can embody the creative forces of the Universe itself.

We’ve been in that “gird-your-loins-and-keep-moving” place of Capricorn for so long now, it’s hard to let go of control and allow the softness in. My whole self feels clenched tight right now, against a new wave of anguish as the pandemic persists into yet another year and all the uncertainty makes vulnerability feel unsafe. Yet, as Brene Brown reminds us “vulnerability is the birthplace of love, belonging, joy, courage, empathy, and creativity”. Basically, a fulfilling life is impossible without it.

From Sunday, when the Moon moves into Cancer, encourage the outward flow of emotions. Watch sad movies, talk about what makes you emotional, embrace your grief as a natural part of life. Make space for all the ugly crying you can! As Oscar Wilde wrote, “where there is sorrow, there is holy ground.

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