Cancer Full Moon 2024

4 Cancer on 27 December at 10.33am Brisbane, 12.33am London, and 28 December at 7.33pm Eastern and 4.33pm Pacific.

As the first illumination of 2024, this Full Moon strikes an emotional cord, or potentially even a tidal wave of emotions, with a supportive sextile from Jupiter in Taurus adding a burst of embodied sentiment. Themes of family and belonging will be writ large and you may find yourself asking where you belong and why. Reflect on where you belong now and what feels like home to you? A place? A person? A group? Or perhaps simply a state of being? Think about how you can strengthen that feeling more, and find a sense of home that doesn’t rely on externals.

Time spent communing with the planet and dwelling on the night sky can be helpful gateways to release emotional build-ups. Strong tugs towards nurturing others or nourishing yourself may have you baking up a storm or holding comforting space for others.

Cancer’s circular Yin-Yang glyph reminds there is always dark in the light and light in the dark, they are complimentary forces that derive from a greater whole. The polarities that feel so stark right now are only perceptions, and we can choose to stay in that duality or rise above it into the greater whole. The Universe will always strive toward balance and harmony, and we too can do the same.

Cancer has a love-hate relationship with vulnerability, as the craving for connection battles with a need for protection. The sextile to Jupiter may support beautiful outcomes to vulnerable conversations with trusted loved ones. There’s no better balm for loneliness than feeling seen in your darkest moments.  

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  1. Insightful thoughts on Cancer. I’m a Cancer Sun/Cap moon – the flipped reverse of this lunation, yet the same themes resonate with my natal chart : a love-hate relationship with vulnerability – wanting connection, yet protection, and having to find home inside myself rather than outside. Thank you for your wise words!

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