Cancer New Moon 2022

7 Cancer | 29 Jun 12.52pm Brisbane, 3.52am London, 28 Jun 10.52pm Eastern and 7.52pm Pacific

This New Moon, in the Moon’s own silvery sign of Cancer, draws us all into an encouraging embrace and whispers in your ear “you can do it”! As these lunar tides invite us to dwell with our intuition and emotions, to come out of our heads and dive into the unconscious realms, they ask us to think about just what we wish to GROW.

Cancer’s urge is to create a safe container for growth, with encouraging essences of nurturing and care sprinkled liberally throughout. Imagine it like a greenhouse, or a womb. That safe protected ecology that promotes life to grow within.

As a New Moon, in the Moon’s own sign, and with a square to Jupiter in Aries, super charged growth is possible for anything started under this energy. This New Moon, with its links to assertive Jupiter in Aries, reminds me of the Australian protest song “From Little Things, Big Things Grow” by Paul Kelly and Kev Carmody. Based on the story of the Gurindji Strike in 1966, which was the spark that fuelled the fire that became the Indigenous Land Rights movement here in Australia.

It’s a reminder that a small group of people can have huge effects in their actions, even when against forces that seem much larger than themselves. Like a stone dropped in a pool, you have no idea just how far those ripples will go out. Let the courage of Jupiter in Aries propel you into starting something that will protect the rights of yourself, your loved ones, and support the growth of goodness in the world. It’s time to fight for what you believe in and put your feelings into action.

This square aspect between Cancer and Aries brings great power, but work will be required to overcome the tension of competing needs. Cancer is homebody energy, happy with loved ones beside the hearth, whereas Aries wants to be out and busy – exploring, pioneering, activating. If you can find ways to allow both energies outlets in this time, you’ll reap the rewards. Look to the two houses in your chart that 7 Cancer and 7 Aries occupy to see just how this may play out. For example, Cancer rising choices towards personal growth may also encourage career opportunities. For an Aries rising, a new home or new beginnings in your family life can also have individual benefits for you too. For Virgo rising, this is a special New Moon for you, make the most of it’s powerful intention energy by asking for support and facing any worries or anxieties head on. Jupiter also forms a sextile to Venus within a few hours of this New Moon, so this sweet, joyful energy is wrapped up in whatever you begin now.


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