Cancer New Moon 2024

140 Cancer – 6 July at 8.57 am Brisbane, 5 July at 11.57 pm London, 6.57 pm Eastern & 3.57 pm Pacific

As the intuitive wash of gentle Cancer rolls through, this New Moon calls for comfort and nourishment. In an age of survival mode, a comforting hug hits the reset button so we can drop into safety. See this New Moon as just that, an invitation into safety and connection as a foundation to build on now and into the future.

Questions of emotional resilience have been arising as you contemplate the perfect mix of resources. Nothing beats the crab for building a shell of protection and it teaches us that shelter isn’t something to cling to outside of you. It comes from inner work of building resilience and facing your fears, so they no longer wield power over you. This is the New Moon to consider what strengthens you and what resources nourish you, and to gather them close and cherish them.

Venus close to this New Moon encourages you to build relationships as resources for security and a sense of belonging, where you can truly find ease and relief. Self-care allows deep connection and the most resilient communities are built on sensitivity and understanding. If you can think to yourself “There’s nothing like a hug from this loved one, or a meal with that friend” then you know how fortunate you are. Our relationships bring us wellbeing in a way money and possessions never can, though those of you with Cancer placements may need to crack your shell open to allow others to support you.

Nostalgic Cancer can tip our faces towards the past, as emotional tides rise around topics of family and home. You may feel a tug towards time with family, or find this a time of healing past wounds so you can either reconnect or let go. Emotional closeness is essential to all humans, so use this New Moon to pull out any thorns that may hold you back.

Tips for this Cancer New Moon:

  • Plan to nurture relationships and know who you can lean towards or uplift in trying times
  • Fine-tune your sensitivity to others and listen to your inner tugs of knowing
  • See where you may be too guarded and find ways to soften or become more vulnerable
  • Be a conduit for care and nurturing this month, whether towards yourself or others, a high tide lifts all boats

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