Capricorn Full Moon 2022

21 Capricorn – 14 July 4.37am Brisbane, and 13 July 7.37pm London, 2.37pm Eastern and 11.37am Pacific

The cold, dry landscapes of Capricorn are never a comfortable place for the nurturing Moon but add in the pressure of Pluto and this promises intense and deep Full Moon energy. The Moon seeks softness, comfort and soothing, while the stoic nature of Capricorn declares, “toughen up, that’s just life, let’s get on with it”. How to balance the two? Work for your comfort, seek security in realism and feel soothed by being well resourced. Pluto forces us to deal with the hidden or corrupt, and this Full Moon holds a spotlight to its energy. It may feel like someone is holding your face to the cold, harsh light of reality and you can’t look away from the issues bubbling under the surface any longer.

Times of Plutonic transformation are unsettling and uncomfortable, especially when the focus is on the change process itself. Our social fabric has been slowly but surely dismantling in the recent years, as Pluto highlights what is corrupt and outdated. We may cling to old ways as they are known and comfortable, yet the future is beckoning, and we must examine the choices keeping us chained to the past. If a caterpillar is overly attached to its voracious, wormlike state, it will greet the majesty and the mobility of its butterfly state with grief.

A wise leader of mine recently said “we need to look beyond the apocalypse”. If we focus on the pain of the change, we can atrophy there, mired in despair. Instead, it’s realising that solutions never lie where the problem is, and instead bringing expansive future visions to the table. We can do this individually by focusing on what DO want instead of what we don’t and making choices towards that. The resilience of Capricorn reminds us, Glennon Doyle style, that we can do hard things, so it’s the perfect energy to gird your loins, wade into the grime and start cleaning out.

Tips for the Capricorn Full Moon:

  • You may feel melancholic under its energy, or just more serious and sombre than usual, and this is not comfortable. Yet Capricorn’s cold, dry energy is crystalising and can bring focus, strategy, and clarity to the emotional realms we’ve been wandering under Cancer season emanations.
  • Try balancing intuition with logic, raw feelings with reasoning and the unconscious with reality. It doesn’t have to be one or the other, our brain has two hemispheres for a reason.
  • Take stock of where you’re overly self-reliant (Capricorn) or overly dependent (Cancer). The polarity of this Full Moon can help you find a happy medium of careful vulnerability with safe boundaries.
  • Where this Full Moon falls is also where Venus danced retrograde in Pluto’s underworld from December through to February this year, so there may be an opportunity to revisit lessons from then, to level up another time.

6 thoughts on “Capricorn Full Moon 2022”

  1. As a Cancer Sun with a Cap Moon that’s trine Pluto natally, I understand this energy. You’ve nailed it so well! Balancing intuition with logic, self-reliance with dependence. The story of my life! I think this full moon energy is very clarifying for me about my family and past. Thank you for a great post!

    1. Oh wow, you certainly would know this energy deep in your bones. You’re very welcome, hope the clarity brings strategies for you as well.

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