Capricorn New Moon ’21

23 Capricorn | Brisbane – 13 January, 3.00pm, London – 13 January, 5.00am, New York – 13 January, 12.00am, Los Angeles – 12 January, 9.00pm

This first New Moon of 2021 touches those tender battle scars still healing from the onslaught of the last few years, falling in the part of our charts that saw the most tension and loss. With Pluto right beside it, this New Moon is gently holding our faces so we can’t turn away from suffering and the losses we have endured. And with its ruler, Saturn, being irritated by the final square from Mars of this series tempers may flare, frustrations vented, or a hard-line taken with someone as you stand your ground.

Listening to Arnold Schwarzenegger talk today about his painful experiences growing up in Austria post World War II, I realised how insidious trauma is when we hide it away, make it shameful or insist “others have it worse than me”. Does an animal that has suffered pain try to pretend they are ok? Take drugs to not to feel the pain? Or get told by other animals to “grow up and get over it”? No, they withdraw, lick their wounds, and allow space to recover.

The only way we can move forwards as a global community is to accept the pain we are carrying, have been carrying for generations. Then examine how it informs our present decisions and actions, and do the work of healing it so it STOPS here. We don’t need these failing structures and corrupt traditions in the future, and we cannot enter the dizzying heights of this era of Air without the work of climbing upwards above the fog.

As Glennon Doyle put it “first the pain, THEN the rising”. It may leave you a sobbing mess on the floor, but in the catharsis of those tears lies a remedy – the space they leave free allows room for hope to join. It’s such irony that strength lies in collapsing in and letting go.

When we hold on too tight, we become exhausted.

When we become rigid in our power and its use, nothing new can flow in.

When try to control situations out of fear, there is no future.

As the new energy arises from this New Moon, let the resilience of Capricorn tap you on the shoulder and remind you, you’ve faced challenges before and you can do it again, as long as you pause in between and catch your breath. It’s also ok to create a support structure of people you trust, don’t let the shadow side of Capricorn tell you to do it alone.

Because you are not alone, and simply never will be.

And yes, Capricorn is also about goals and success, about driving forward to the top, finding efficient ways to create tangible results. So do use this as a New Moon to set intentions for the next 6 months at least. But don’t use it to whitewash what we’ve all lived through, and even where we find ourselves now. The past has a funny way of catching up to you when you least expect it, so use it to inform your future but not dictate it.

3 thoughts on “Capricorn New Moon ’21”

  1. Nancy Nesyto-Freske

    Thank you so much for this, Alicia. I live in the US and not only the past week, but for a long, long time, we’ve been experiencing the old, patriarchal society desperately fighting to keep control. It’s slowly breaking apart and as it does, it’s showing us the way forward (if we’re only willing to see it for what it is).

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