Capricorn Season 2023

As each year ends, the expansive fire of Sagittarius season passes into the cool seriousness that Capricorn brings. Marking the December Solstice, it’s a sacred time when the veil thins as the sun pauses in the sky. The Sun’s annual travails through the dry realism of Capricorn asks us to seek logic and find reason, after a time of thriving on opinion and conviction. Yet with Saturn, now in enigmatic Pisces, ruling this area of the sky, the Capricorn reality check isn’t as hard and fast as it has been for the past 6 years. The nebulous qualities of Pisces blur the edges and bring emotions and instincts to the fore. It calls for logic married with compassion, for love to temper drive and ambition.

A less recognised side of Capricorn is the mystical sea goat, seen in the glyph which shows half-goat and half-fish. Connected to myth and legends, Capricorn holds a deep and abiding faith in ancient magic and connection to the Earth itself. To a sense of Universal connectivity built through disciplined, considered spiritual practices and rituals. As the first Capricorn season in 28 years with Saturn in Pisces, we can choose the mystic over the material, the giving over the consuming, and love over fear.

Anchoring love

There’s a theory that love and fear are the two most intrinsic emotional states of the human, and all others flow from these. Right now, fear is palpable and easy to give into, tugging at our inner worlds and pulling out old beliefs we weren’t even conscious of. Love requires dedication and devotion right now to choose love above fear (highly recommend this brilliant 2019 article by Brene Brown title “Doubling Down on Love).

I always connect Pisces to agape, that love born of oneness, that flow from connection with all that is and that is celebrated and hopefully embodied in the holidays at this time of year. Sami Shamanism, Aboriginal Dreaming, Māori Aroha, Druid Lore, Pagan Animism, Hawaiian H’oponopono – all these ancient earth-based wisdoms hold the knowing of humans’ interconnection to the land, the ocean, the sky and even the lava flowing beneath. To be a part of this generously abundant Gaia system, not above it. 

Tests of Faith

In light of world events and the religious holidays (Diwali, Channukah, Christmas) I’ve been contemplating faith recently and its connection to traditions. I thought to offer up similar questions I’ve been contemplating if you too are in a state of wonderment. What does it mean to have faith? What do I have faith in? Is my faith fixed or fluid? What is the core of my faith? How much is informed by traditions of the past, events of the present and future needs?

Dates to watch for

22 Dec – not long after the Sun moves into Capricorn, it will form a Cazimi with retrograde Mercury while trining a conjunction between the Moon and Jupiter in Taurus. Inner work can draw out wisdom from our unconscious and build a bridge between heart and mind, logic and emotions. Important conversations about the future can yield great results when well thought out and approached with patience and practicality.

28 Dec – Sun trine Jupiter buoys the mood that may have felt more serious or focused. Pour your optimism and enthusiasm into a building up or a material project to ensure the helpful energy of this transit doesn’t go to waste.

29 Dec – Mars square Neptune is not a day to get things done, perfect for the mid-holiday mood. Mars will energise Neptune’s ethereal vibes, so plans for imaginary fun or creative pleasure will work well. If you do need to push forward or face conflict, try to ignore feelings of discouragement, know it’s only for a day or two. Watch your intake of sugar or intoxicants on this day, it can easily get out of control.

30 Dec – Venus moves into enthusiastic Sagittarius from intense Scorpio just in time for New Years Eve. Relationships lighten up and take on a more adventurous energy, so be prepared for anything. As she square Saturn on 1 Jan, caution is advised and consequences faced, so don’t let go of the reigns completely until after that.

5 Jan – Mars into Capricorn brings focus and determination, helping Mars settle down and be productive towards goals. Over the next 6 weeks, you can use this rocket fuel energy to start acting on any 2024 goals and plans.

20 and 21 Jan – Sun conjunct Pluto as Pluto moves into Aquarius is like the King ushering the God of the Underworld out of his deep underground caves and into a light mountain-top eyrie. We did have a few months of this energy earlier in 2023, but that was a short trailer compared to this Royal Premiere of Pluto’s Crucible effect in a new area of your chart over the next two decades.

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