December Solstice and #capricornseason

The December Solstice (sol = sun, stiti = to stop) is the point where the sun stands still each year as it reaches the most southern point of it’s yearly travails. Like a pendulum, there is a pause as it realigns to travel in a northerly, and hence the solstice. Traditionally the summer solstice is seen as a time when the veil between the seen and unseen worlds is briefly lifted, and connection between humans and energetic beings is possible and care must be taken to not “go away with the faeries”. Fire and light rituals are observed, both as a way to light the way and to cause purification. In some countries it is celebrated with maypole dancing, symbolising a weaving together of energies that spin into the planet at this time as the pause takes effect.

It is marked by the Sun slipping into cool, calm and collected Capricorn, and this year more than most it brings a welcome relief from the almost overwhelming abundance that #sagittariusseason has been. There has been a plethora of ideas and inspirations, and now is the time to use the earth energy of Capricorn to physically create something of those confident dreams. Capricorn will help you measure them up, see if they are realistic, and know what you actually have the time and energy to put into something.

I’m so thankful for the Solstice pause. It’s like a gift from the Universe that allows us to take stock of all that has shown up since 23 Nov, or even 8 Nov when Jupiter started his Sagittarius return. My tip is to take every idea, dream, vision or inspiration and write to down. Then carefully prioritise each one. Maybe use short, medium and long term planning. Then muse on the structure you’ll need to create to make all this happen. Because Jupiter in Sagittarius brings the passion, confidence and faith, while Capricorn offers the discipline, pragmatism and solidity to bring it to life.

“If you build it they will come”. The line from the movie Field of Dreams sums up this energy perfectly… take a leap of faith and build something that will act as a home and magnet for all your dreams. So what are you going to build over the next month? Over the year? Over your lifetime? Capricorn has the long view, so aim far and mapping out 7, 14, even 21 year plans under this energy offers an aim to easily align your priorities. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia is still under construction 136 years later. So be gentle with yourself, enjoy this pause among the crazy of the silly season and breathe in the grounded energy of #capricornseason.

I wish to thank you for your support this year and wishing you a wonderful holiday season, whatever and however you celebrate. I’ll be back with your January horoscopes just before New Year’s.

Alicia x

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