Discover your wild, true self with Uranus

Explore important cycles of freedom, change and rebellion through peak periods of Uranus transits in your life.

In 1935, when Uranus was last in Taurus, two US Army pilots hot air ballooned to an altitude of 22km high, and became the first humans to see the curvature of the earth.

Thousands of years before Aristotle (350BCE) had conceived of Earth as a ball, yet the human eye couldn’t see proof of it until now. The grainy pictures showed a grey, arched edge of Earth with the inky blackness of space beyond. It was an image never seen before and it gave all humans a new perspective on our home. We had reached the outer limits of our planet, and the space race began – life would on Earth would never be the same. Suddenly, this ball we lived on was part of something much larger… space! With so much space exploration under our belts now, it’s hard to imagine what it was like when thousands of years of imagining suddenly became reality.

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change.” —Wayne Dyer

That is what Uranus can do, thrust forward sudden new insights that wipe away the past so a new future can become possible. It is interesting that Uranus’ journey around the solar system coincides with the average human life span of 84 years. As it travels, this planet marks time for us, reminding us of our purpose and encouraging us to stay true to it. From the first square in our early twenties, to the opposition in our early forties midlife transits and then the final square in early sixties – they all coincide with major turning points.

Uranus cycles and the fixed signs

As the first of the outer planets, its slow movement through the signs has broad brushstroke effects across generations. When it moved into Taurus again in 2018 it started ground-breaking changes for those with planets in any of the fixed signs. Taurus is the fixed earth sign, seemingly solid and unbreakable until earthquakes come along to shake it apart. Some welcome this with open arms as it broke apart areas of life that felt dormant. For others, the change is forced upon them, like a cattle prod to the bull standing its ground. Now well into his journey through Taurus, the tone of the major Uranus transits has changed too. The next 6 years are key times for those born with Uranus in any of the fixed signs – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. There may be sudden new insights about yourself or feelings of restlessness welling up from nowhere. Urges for freedom, rebellion against anything holding you back, an electrifying sensation or even anxiety – all these are possible symptoms of Uranus. It comes in like that proverbial prince, with a kiss to awaken you from the slumber imposed by the status quo. At first, however, that prince can look like a frog for fixed signs who clinging to old habits more than most.

So how might these transits play out for you? This table shows the timings of the Uranus generations and the approximate age for each Uranus transit. And remember, these are longer lasting transits, so you will be feeling it for at least 12 months, though there will be time when the energy is stronger than others. A personal astrology consultation can pin point these timings more precisely for you.

Table 1: Uranus cycles and your age

If you were born from… You’ll have Uranus in…
Apr – Jun 1995, Jan 1996 – Mar 2003, Sept – Dec 2003 Aquarius
Nov 1974 – Apr 1975, Sept 1975 – Feb 1981, Mar – Nov 1981 Scorpio
Aug 1955 – Jan 1956, Jun 1956 – Oct 1961, Jan – Aug 1962 Leo
Jun – Oct 1934, Mar 1935 – Aug 1941, Oct 1941 – May 1942 Taurus


19 – 22 years old: First Uranus square (Uranus in Taurus square Uranus in Aquarius)

The tension of the first Uranus squares calls for adjustment, as the unpredictable and unexpected comes into our lives for the first time. Happening in your early 20’s, it’s that time when you really step into adulthood and express your individuality into the wider world. Now “out in society” in your own way, perhaps studying at University, travelling abroad, or entering full time employment in the workforce, and suddenly you are meeting new thoughts and ideas that are radically different from the bubble of your family and social life of your youth. Internal tensions arise as you try to fit these new world views with your own. Rebellion against authority is the norm during these years, as you carve out a new niche for yourself, for who you are. Often events or people come into your life to help you see things in a whole new light, offering first glimpses of freedom and independence.

Aquarius is a sign used to pushing against the shackles of social norms, and those born during the years of Uranus in this sign are comfortable with breaking barriers to being themselves. These are the younger Millennials, the humanitarians, protesting about climate change and calling for human equality. They are also totally comfortable with modern technology, already designing apps and creating games in their teens. When Uranus in Taurus squares their Uranus in Aquarius, the tension will be between the ideal and the reality, where what is anticipated and hoped for must be made concrete. The challenge this generation faces is creating tangible results from their bright, innovative concepts. Equal rights cannot be gained by protesting alone, or from posting on social media. Somehow change must be created in a physical way so it can have far-reaching consequences. Being open to stepping into the political ring is one way they can take action on climate change. As Ghandi’s oft-quoted saying goes “Be the change you wish to see in the world”.

You can look to past generations of Uranus in Aquarius to see the potentials of this transit.

The dawn of computing: Alan Turing

Alan Turing; Image credit Mark I album

Known as the creator of modern computing due to his work on creating a code breaking machine during World War II. Turing was born with Uranus in Aquarius conjunct his Midheaven (career point) so any transits to Uranus activate the topics of career and reputation for him. At school, his intelligence was recognised but not supported, but once at college Alan broke free to follow his passion for mathematics. In 1935, during his Uranus square, he was elected at a young age to a fellowship at Kings College for his work proving central limit theorem in his undergraduate days, a theory Einstein himself proposed. That same year, Turing worked on his famous “Turing’s proof” paper that he released on the last of this Uranus square transit in 1935.

From here, the external pressures of World War II compelled Turing to create a physical version of his Aquarian concepts – the “Turing Machine”. As Uranus in Taurus was transited his twelfth house of secrets, this work was classified as he and his team created the machine to break enemy code during World War II. Much of his work and achievements weren’t released until 2012. The Turing Machine not only saved thousands of lives during the war but it was the beginning of modern computing.

A woman finds her path: Vivien Leigh

Vivien Leigh. Image credit Clarence Sinclair Bull

Actress Vivien Leigh, of Gone with the Wind fame, is another example of someone who had Uranus in Aquarius on her Midheaven. She dreamt of being an actress from childhood and studied at the Royal Academy of Drama in London until she met her first husband in 1931. At just 19, Vivien gave up all her ambitions for marriage and motherhood, but three years later, Uranus in Taurus tapped on her shoulder and turned her back in that direction. In 1935, at 22, she starred in her first four films during her first Uranus square and changed her name to what we know her as today. Her life changed radically at this. She gave up her daughter and domestic life to plunge into the world of theatre and cinema she would inhabit until she died, becoming one of the most renowned actresses of her time.

41 – 44 years old: Uranus opposition (Uranus in Taurus opposing Uranus in Scorpio)

Uranus opposite Uranus is when a new urge for authenticity strikes, a need to throw off all the social conditioning and cultural norms for a life that uniquely our own. This is when a “grief of time” awakens as we realise this golden thread of life isn’t spooling out endlessly ahead. Although still a fair way off, the end is in sight and with that realisation come the questions. Have I achieved all I aimed for? Have I done what I planned with my life? Is this the life I wanted? How you react will depend on your answers, but there is a sense of urgency as you feel time is running out, and that may cause surprising decision making. During this time you may revisit dreams you’ve been secretly harbouring, or a life you’ve been yearning for but couldn’t see the way towards until now. You realise it’s better late than never, and often something comes along to push you to choose. Situations forced on you can bring clarity to your values and your core self. Despite pressures and enticements, it’s important to listen and take actions that are true to yourself.

Uranus in Scorpio is a unique generation of people who want to change the world from underneath and bare all those areas that society keeps hidden. They have spent their lives breaking open life’s mysteries and taboos, spilling out the contents to break down outdated social boundaries. A generation very in touch with their sexuality, they are not afraid to use either to shake apart outdated structures. When Scorpio and Taurus oppose, the deeply probing nature of Scorpio must come back to reality and share the gems of what they found with the real world. This generation has exposed world power dynamics and found wanting, so now is the time for them to step up to the plate with new solutions. Their knowledge of the shadow worlds will help them break apart the stagnant poisons of today’s world so real shifts forward are made towards a better future.

Radical theories in the world of Science: Issac Newton

Sir Issace Newton studying light

Sir Issac Newton was born during a time of Uranus in Scorpio and was a major part of the scientific revolution of the 18th Century. His innovative understandings of sciences and his treatise on the laws of physics still shape how we view the world 300 years into the future. Newton started theorising on gravity, planetary motion, and light and colour during his first Uranus square, however, it was at his Uranus opposition with Uranus in Taurus that he finally pulled together his years of research. Newton published them in his famous “Principa”, which brought all his radical theories and concept into the concrete realm, and gave the human race understandings that forever altered how we view our world. Now, many see it as the most significant book on physics ever published.

Remaking yourself: Hannah Gadsby

Hannah Gadsby. Image credit Jill Greenberg, Courtesy of ID PR

Today, Hannah Gadsby is one of the current Uranus in Scorpio generation who stepped into the limelight at her Uranus square, reluctantly embracing comedy when she won the Australian Raw Comedy Award in 2006. While her actual Uranus opposition hasn’t occurred as yet, the signs are there. When Uranus made a sign based opposition from Taurus back in 2018, her comedy show “Nanette” gained international acclaim when it moved to Netflix. In this show, Hannah broke with her usual style of self-depreciating humour. Instead, she shared openly about self-acceptance and why her old comedy style no longer fits her. “It’s not humility, it’s humiliation,” she said of her old style. That vulnerable authenticity spoke to the minds and hearts of millions of viewers and as she gave herself permission to speak honestly, others who identify with her felt that same permission too. “There is nothing stronger than a broken woman who has rebuilt herself” she said of this period – you can’t get more Uranus in Scorpio than that! She was also one of the first comedians to use anti-phone measures during her show “Douglas”, highlighting Uranus in Taurus ideals of putting away technology to show up in person and be present.

62 – 65 years old: Second Uranus square (Uranus in Taurus square Uranus in Leo)

And now comes the third part of the cycle, more reflective and yet still about realignment and adjustment. In your mid-sixties, your years of working are almost behind you and it’s time to consider who you have been until now, and from that viewpoint then see what more can be done. How can you unhook yourself from your career and other external standards, and take this chance to totally be yourself? While there is a sense of closing down, the urge towards fulfilment is just as active and urgent as the previous two transits. You may ask yourself what you will do with you later years? Has your life so far been aligned with your value systems? If not, what can you do to move towards that? How can you give a voice to your inner self?

The Uranus in Leo generation know exactly how to be an individual, and have broken many boundaries to free their creative self-expression, seeing it as the way forward for humanity. Creatively constructing change is their trademark and they excel at transforming their identities to meet situations. However, as they meet Uranus in Taurus, the call is to review the past and seek the truth of who they are within all those roles they played. What was the thread that tied all those together? Who is the actor behind all those masks? As leaders driven towards raising standards, it’s time to look back upon the results of their actions and see if it turned out as planned.

Shocking sexuality and early feminism: Collette


A Uranus in Leo from a previous generation is a famous French writer, Collete. She spent her life writing stories about female sexuality that were thinly veiled biographies of her own experiences. At the time the stories shocked society, as she used her identity to challenge traditional gender roles and raise the profile of early feminism. During her first Uranus square she was married to renowned French writer, Willy, who recognised her writing talent. He encouraged and then forced her to write her famous Claudine series, which he published under his own name and kept all the earnings from. By her final Uranus square, she had her happiest marriage and public recognition of her talents in her own right, including being made a member of Royal Belgian Academy, rare for a woman to be accepted into at the time. During that time, Collete also wrote a biography titled “My Apprenticeship”, a reflective look at those earlier years. She mused on the guidance her first husband gave her and saw how it shaped her as a writer, despite the trials he put her through. Interestingly, in 2018 a film was released about her life right when Uranus in Taurus squared her natal Uranus again, bringing further insights from her story to today’s world.

Empowering new and diverse voices: Barack Obama

Street art of Barack Obama. Image credit Lubo Minar-Bhgats

Barack Obama also has Uranus in Leo, close to his natal descendant (relationship point) which also symbolises opponents. When Uranus first moved into Taurus in May 2018, many of Obama’s hard-earned policies were thrown out by Donald Trump, including those around climate change, criminal justice and international relations. His biographer, Benjamin Rhodes, spoke about how the election of President Trump shook Obama to his core, and those policy removals likely had the same effect as it seemed his legacy was tossed away. However, at that time Netflix also announced a deal with Obamas for a series of films and series over multiple years and later that year he and Michelle launched a new production company called “Higher Ground productions”. It’s exciting to think what can come now that Obamas are not constrained by the role of POTUS any longer. Barack said the idea behind this project is to empower “new and diverse voices.” How very Uranus in Leo of him!

Working with Uranus in Taurus

So how can you best use Uranus insights and perspectives to create constructive change? Wherever Uranus is involved it’s best to be flexible, do things differently, try small acts of rebellion that speak more to who you are. Accept that change is inevitable, learn to love what it can offer. Seek the unusual, follow the road less travelled, shake up your world. Explore your own authentic voice, what does your innermost self have to say? And how can you carve a new path so you can follow that? Fixed signs do prefer stable and predictable, but even your energy can grow stale. Seek out what is stagnant in your life and break it apart so you aren’t wasting energy on things that no longer serve you.

When you consciously use this energy it is less likely to impose its will onto you. Those changes may not turn out exactly as you thought they would, but it’s like going on a trip. When your bags are packed and you’re heading out the door, a change in destination isn’t as shocking as it would be if you’re on the couch in your pyjamas not ready to go anywhere.

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  1. I am Taurus sun mars mercury chiron. Uranus is in my 10H since 2015. I have not seen any sudden improvements in my life. It’s quite the opposite. I have been jobless and broke all that time. Uranus is rubbish can it just go away right now, I ve had enough of it

    1. I’m sorry to hear the impact it’s been having on you, the Taurus part of the sky has been unstable, especially the last few years. Perhaps Jupiter in Taurus may bring some blessings for you now it’s moving forwards again x

      1. Thank you Alicia. This uranus transit is the most useless, it has nothing to offer. I was counting on Jupiter, it’s going to cross a third time my sun it’s conjunct my progressed moon but Uranus satanic energy is so strong that blocks everything. I want Uranus to disappear from the sky!!!

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