Full Moon in Pisces 2020

10 Pisces – 1 September at 10.21pm Pacific, 2 September 1.21am Eastern, 6.21am BST, 3.21pm AEST

As intuition is heightened, inner voices push to the surface, pleading to be heard. The outer world seems crumpled and faded beside the rich colours of our imaginative realms. Edges blur and time stretches as the veil thins and like a siren’s call this Pisces Full Moon pulls us away from reality of Virgo season and into a world of magic and intuition; and illusion. What is real? What is tangible? Does it even matter. The polarity of this Full Moon begs the question – do magic and reality have to be separate at all?

“It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing dreams”
~ Gabriel Garcia Marquez

I remember falling in love with Isabelle Allende’s House of the Spirits like it was yesterday. This book was my entry into the world of magical realism, a literary genre where myth and reality so beautifully entwine. I buried myself in the worlds of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Toni Morrison and Haruki Murakami, loving the way they illuminated the miracles in the mundane and explored enchantment in the everyday. Today’s world is asleep to the magic of the simple pleasures of life; from the gift of energy in the food we eat to the elementals inhabiting the natural world around us. The Uranus zing folded into this Full Moon encourages us to wake up to magic all around.

Embrace the flood
As the flooding waters of this Full Moon pass through, allow them to wash the grit from your eyes, pain from your heart and dust from your soul. Embrace your tears as you melt into the emotional wave of this Full Moon, trusting well it too will pass. Tears contain their own healing, even science says so, they won’t kill us. And if you feel wrung out, or the burdens of life are weighing in, seek magic in small places.

Explore magic in the everyday
Try pouring joy in as you make a simple cup of tea, or adding dollops of love to a home cooked meal – miracles don’t have to be huge. Or perhaps try communing with spirits in nature – seek out gnomes in the forest, discover undines in a river or ocean, feel for sylphs in the air or watch for salamanders in a fire.

Shadow side
Numbness and vagueries are also a Pisces speciality and with emotional overload there is the temptation to dive into the bottle or seek solace in rose-coloured fantasies. Like sailors were warned of the siren’s song, you must remember that dreams can never replace reality. The enchanted ball seems thrilling at first but soon becomes a gilded cage of painful feet and broken dreams. Or in more real terms, once the wine goggles wear off, is that really Prince Charming in your bed?

Rituals to try
This Full Moon brings out all the feelings and intuitions, and is the perfect Moon to have a ritual bathing cleanse, either in salt water bath
with candles or ocean swim, or another natural water source. Gently, quietly pondering your life at this moment in time allows sudden Uranian insights so you connect to universal perspective on what doesn’t belong with you right now. As you pull the plug or emerge from the
water, visually imagine all that sliding right off you.

If you are part of my New Moon Magic workshop – this is the perfect time to revisit your workbook and listen to the Full Moon meditation. And if you’d like to know more about recognising and developing your intuition, join me for my webinar next week on just this subject.

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