Full Moon in Scorpio 2018 – Breathe. Release. Repeat.

Monday 30th April 2018
10.57 am Brisbane, 1.57am London, 8.57pm (29 April) New York

This Monday brings the first full moon of the astrological year, our first chance to examine the intentions we have made and release what is not needed. And being in Scorpio (at 9 degrees), it’s deep release. Towards transformation. Phoenix rising from the ashes.

As the two rulers of this sign (Mars, and Pluto for some) had a very deep and serious meeting in Capricorn over the last few days, the power to cut and remove is still available, but do watch out for the edge of that knife!

Scorpio is traditionally at the end of autumn, when everything is shedding and transforming. The elimination nature of this sign, along with the releasing nature of the full moon, encourages probing the depths and removing what is toxic. What do you no longer want in your life? What isn’t serving you anymore? What patterns are you feeling stuck in? Examine them, release them, let them go…

I‘ve been quite the gypsy in my life, rarely in one place for longer than a year or two. But children have slowed this down, and our last move was after 3 years in one place and running a business at home. When it came to packing it all up, we realised we had accumulated so much stuff, even though we actively try not to. Time to cull! Yet I couldn’t just throw everything out, though I yearned to be back to my backpacking days, living out of one small case. So I methodically went through all we had, spread it out in front of me room by room, and put it into piles of keep and let go. It was such a cathartic experience!

The depth of feeling and intuition of this watery sign calls for decisions to come from within, making decisions from a feeling space instead of a mental one. And you can’t listen to your inner lives when you are going at speed. So have some time to slow down, be present with yourself, even for a short time, let the magic of the sun in Taurus help you be present and natural to your design… then start weeding.

The times we are in are moving faster and faster, and call for a sound, steadfast core. Come out from your principles and act from this higher space so you can build a sound and steadfast core. Be strict, cut what is unnecessary while being wary of the trap of judgement, both on self and others. Saturn is linked into this process, offering a pragmatic, cool, neutral view. Remember, when you let go of things that are draining your energy, you will have the energy to put into what is important. Scorpio has the power to pick itself up and dust off to start afresh.

This sign is quick to anger, so watch the sting in your tail and that of others. However the Scorpion does carries it’s own antidote, so the power is there to heal any wrong doing. Own up honourably and make a genuine effort to see what can be done, respect, trust and intimacy build from here…

If you can, sit with this moon on Monday night and imagine it taking all you are releasing, like a purifying bath that removes all that no longer serves you! If you know which house Scorpio rules in your chart, be guided by the themes of that house in what can be powerfully released right now.

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