Gemini Full Moon 2021

27 Gemini – 19 December 2.36pm Brisbane, 4.36am London, and 18 December 11.36pm Eastern, 8.36pm Pacific

The last main lunation of the year brings the frivolity and merriment of the annual Gemini Full Moon on Sunday. Amped up by a harmonious connection to expansive Jupiter in Aquarius, this is heady energy, so expect the mental buzz to be zinging, and it may be hard to slow the mental cogs down or step away from the social media feed.

This is laughter ‘til your belly hurts, or light-hearted fun with loved ones, or exploring all the topics at once following your curiosity down the rabbit hole. So perfect for silly season festivities, this is the weekend to make the most of mingling in whatever way you can. And being eclipse-free means we get to soak in the full conversational delights this Full Moon can offer. Venus will be just started retrograding into Pluto’s embrace, so the people you’ll likely want near are trusted nearest and dearest! And with Mercury ruling this Full Moon from cautious Capricorn, the fun vibe should stay within safe limits.

With an easy flow of generosity from Jupiter, you may go a little overboard if gift shopping under this energy, so create a budget to keep you in line and use that Mercury in Capricorn to stay disciplined. It is perfect for big picture ideas, and it can bring fulfillment of some of your Jupiter in Aquarius projects, so make the space for that if you can!

I’ve added some tips below to help you keep your feet on the ground this weekend:

Prioritise sleep

We need a minimum of 7 hours of sleep every night to feel restored the next day, and even more, if we’ve been eating sugar or drinking alcohol, the staples of this time of year. So many of us are frazzled from these two loooong years, and parts of you may feel a little nervous at just socialising at all. Good sleep fitness will help calm and restore your mind and nervous system, both closely linked to Gemini energy.


This sign also rules the lung, and the perfect antidote to a busy mind is deeply filling them with fresh air. Full your lungs fully, focus on the air rushing into them, your diaphragm contracting and expanding, even the air going over your tongue. Pause at the end of the exhale if you can, just slightly, and notice what it feels like to be empty, then fill back up again.


Full Moon energy is good release energy, so try journaling on a blank piece of paper to clear the internal clutter. Tip the garbage out onto a page then cast it to the ocean, wind or fire. You don’t need to keep those thoughts inside.

You can also find more thoughts about this Full Moon and the current astrology over on my YouTube channel.

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