Gemini Lunar Eclipse

8 Gemini – Monday, 30 November
Brisbane – 7.29pm, London – 9.29am, Eastern – 4.29am, Pacific – 1.29am

The Gemini Full Moon is always heady, as the curious, social nature of this sign is lit up. However, add in an eclipse and it super-charges the mental buzz, driving our thoughts round and round like mice on a wheel.

Linked to the North Node, the energy of the coming days is hungry for cerebral connection as the Gemini urge of for information turns insatiable. You may find yourself compulsively checking your phone or social feeds, making a flurry of calls or constantly using your inbox. With the Sun in Sagittarius calling for escape, you may have a weekend full of plans to socially connect in whatever way you can.

Yet this mutable sign is the least grounded of all the air signs, so you may easily be distracted or head off on a tangent. I’ve entered so many rooms today thinking “Now, what was I here for?” as my mind had already wandered on to the next thing. If you’re feeling dispersed, here’s some tips to ground yourself:

Get busy with cleaning out
Eclipses are always excellent times to clear out, so clean your house, your energy, your social feed, your inbox, your contact list. Cut with precision, and don’t worry about what else falls away, the crucible of this eclipse cuts away dead wood that no longer serves.

Salt baths or float tank
Spend time in the tub with sea salt as a purifier, or get to your nearest salt float tank if you can. I have been dreaming of another trip to the Dead Sea, the air and energy there is so pure from all the salt!

Here’s a suggestion to clear the internal clutter, tip the garbage out onto a page then cast it to the ocean, wind or fire. You don’t need to keep those thoughts inside.

Anchoring exercise
Try whichever one you know. A simple one is to find 5 minutes to sit down, close your eyes and bring your attention to your feet as you breathe. Wiggle your toes, slowly scan all parts of your feet, feel them on the floor, grounded in place. Shoes off best but not essential.

The perfect antidote to a busy mind are some deep breaths. Full your lungs fully, focus on the air rushing into them, your diaphragm contracting and expanding, even the air going over your tongue. Pause at the end of the exhale if you can, just slightly, and notice what it feels like to be empty, then fill back up again.

Stay aware of your relationship with your phone
You phone holds a strong temptation over the next few days but it actually takes you away from yourself rather than staying aware. This isn’t about willpower, change needs to happen from another place, so gently, without stress, just notice how often you go to pick it up. The automatic response within you to be connected, and how our social selves now happen through a small box of technology.

Wear Amethyst or sleep with it under your pillow
Amethyst is cooling and calming for the nervous system, which is receiving it’s fair share of jolts right now.

This eclipse is happening across the two fixed stars of Aldebran and Antares, which are both linked to the power of Mars. Use it to be strategic and ruthless in your clearing out, say no clearly and confidently to whatever does not belong. And if you must ritual, then try a ritual to Durga (slayer of Rahu).

You can download my webinar on this eclipse series in Gemini and Sagittarius to find out more about how this will affect you personally, and what areas of your life it may be lighting up. If you have registered before, you now have access to extra information about the eclipses until December 2021.

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