Gemini New Moon – Who is in the Driver’s Seat?

14 June 2018, 5.45am AEST

Gemini rules the way we humans think, learn, connect and communicate. And none of this is possible without our brain. Our brain is a wonderful thing, the most amazing tool given to us when we are growing as humans inside our mother’s bodies Almost half a child’s energy goes into developing its brain, and as an adult., 30% of blood flow is in the brain (even though physically it is less than 3% of our body mass). It responds to a stimulus in 1/10,000th of a second, it’s storage capacity is virtually unlimited and there are about as many neurons in a human brain as there are stars in the Milky Way galaxy.

Like any tool, if we take care of it by giving it right fuel (both physical and electrical) then it will do the job it is meant to. However, when not treated well it can become our worst enemy. It literally will try to take over our lives if it thinks we aren’t in control. Or if fed the wrong foods it will take our lives down a road we never planned or intended (think about the myriad of addictions out there).

Now is the time to assess just who is in the driver’s seat of our life? If it’s the brain in charge and you need to wrest back control, it’s time to use the disciple, persistent and restraint Saturn in Capricorn offers, along with some good negotiation skills. Think of it like training an animal – if your brain keeps asking for chocolate or a particular TV show, just tell it what YOU want it to help first, and then it will get what it wants. Remember, the brain is smart and will do anything to get its food, so keep the leash short and good rewards coming, and soon you’ll have developed a good working relationship with it.

It’s also important to know ourselves too, know the needs and wants that belong to our core self so we can recognise what belongs only to our brain. Getting this right before Mars turns retrograde on 25 June, and then Mercury retrogrades later in July, will help us negotiate both those periods with more ease and balance.

Asking, “well, just what should I feed my brain then”? Did you know scientific research shows that brain waves of two musicians can synchronise when performing together? Imagine what is possible for a brain fed on harmony, peace and collaboration! Feed it things it likes to do, but with themes that align with you and your purpose. Think Gemini, which is all about communication and the choices we make in that realm! It’s in the conversations we have, the people we surround yourself with, the studies we undertake, even the music we listen to and the movies or TV that we watch.

This New Moon is also a chance to clear the spiritual cobwebs before next week’s solstice. The solstice is a time of pause and quietening, towards realigning and balancing our lives. It’s the same as a pendulum swing, it comes to a pause before changing direction, and so it is for us on the planet too. With the New Moon in Mercury’s signs of Gemini, while Mercury is in sensitive, intuitive Cancer, the liveliness of this Mercurial period is dampened down by Cancer’s watery nature. You may find your mind is not as precise as you need and communications can lead to misunderstandings or hurt feelings. Use it instead as a time to connect in with your emotional life and your unseen inner world. Open up to others about your feelings and sensings instead of just rational ideas and knowledge. Work done now on your heart-mind connection and bringing these into alignment will help you better negotiate the coming solstice and it’s link to the unseen worlds. Insights you receive through your intuition next week can offer a map of the next road to take, while taking time out of the humdrum of everyday life will bring the clarity your mind cannot.

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