Gemini Season 2020 – Follow Your Curiosity!

This mutable air sign always reminds me of the gentle breezes of Spring; light, playful and promising warm summer days ahead. With the Sun soon joining Mercury and Venus retrograde in Gemini, standing in a space of curiosity seems the best response as the winds of change blow around. When you don’t know what’s ahead, isn’t it better to be curious than believe false hope? When you let go of having all the answers, it’s easier to respond to what is and the versatility of this sign offers new options when you lift your face to the unknown.

The Sun in Gemini also joins the North Node, bringing eclipses back to this area of your chart for the first time since 2012. bringing eclipses back to this area of your chart for the first time since 2012. This year, those soft breezes ARE the winds of change, showing that crossing a threshold isn’t always heavy and painful – phases of excitement as we take in new information play their part too.

Gemini is driven to process the world around us, and the childlike nature of this sign approaches life with such openness and simplicity. Bushwalking with my children brings this picture to – while I focus on the trail and safely getting to the end, they are pointing out the smallest details and making amazing discoveries. Beautiful lichen patterning on rocks, wee beasties hidden in crevices, cloud formations in the sky. They even spotted this gentle koala way up in a tree last week. From this perspective, the world is a place of wonder and possibility, where judgement and expectation have no place. I love Liz Gilbert’s work on following your curiosity instead of your passion.

It might lead you to your passion or it might not. You might get nothing out of it at all except a beautiful, long life where all you did was follow your gorgeous curiosity. And that should be enough too.” – Liz Gilbert

Clients often relate to this, saying they don’t have a life-long passion or deep drive to do one thing or be a certain way. It can cause confusion or questioning in a society that screams “follow your passion, grab hold of your dreams”. This is where curiosity steps in and holds a more gentle, inviting space. Passion is wonderful fuel, but it can blinker you, keep you going in only one direction. And passion can be all-consuming, draining until there is nothing left. In the uncertain times we all now find ourselves in, staying curious offers a simpler and more flexible perspective that helps stay nimble in your responses.

As always, Gemini brings turns and pivots, and this season has many changes within it. Some dates to watch for this Gemini Season:

New Moon at 2 Gemini – 23 May at 3.38am Brisbane

The last lunation in Gemini that isn’t linked to an eclipse for a while, so make the most of setting intentions around curiosity, fun, staying light-hearted and working on communicating. Join me for a New Moon Gathering on Friday 22 May to explore these energies and how they interact with your own unique birth chart.

Mercury into Cancer – 28/29 May

Mercury is hosting this party from Gemini and welcoming the Sun in enthusiastically. Yet he isn’t staying too long as he has bigger plans for an extended stay in intuitive Cancer as his next retrograde starts on 8 June. This will flavour the Sun’s travels through Gemini, bringing a sensitive, attuned feeling to this normally outgoing sign. Communication goes both ways, but sometimes Gemini needs a reminder to switch from transmit onto receive; Mercury in Cancer will help this along.

Sun conjunct Venus – 3/4 June

Venus is tugged back into the arms of the Sun as she retrogrades back towards him, bringing Venus to her halfway point of her retrograde cycle. You may unearth treasure today from your inner journeys and curious delvings of the past few weeks. It’s not over yet, so grasp it close and when you hold it to the light at the end of the retrograde tunnel on June 25, you’ll make more sense of just what is important.

Lunar Eclipse at 15 Sagittarius – 6 June 5.12am

This isn’t your normal full moon, being the first eclipse outside of the Cancer/Capricorn axis since mid-2018. The normally expansive and hopeful feelings of the Moon in Sagittarius are veiled behind Gemini’s more realistic calling. How, and where, can you be more realistic in your outlook? What facts need to be examined before your leap into your dreams? Lunar eclipses can shake up our internal world, as external forces bring new insights or unexpected events to bear.

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