Hello Scorpio, 2019 Style! 4 tips for this Scorpio Season.

I do love Scorpio season, and not just because it contains my birthday. Being a fixed sign, it’s the fullness of spring here, with an abundance of colour all around us and the warmth of spring is strongly felt. I know in the Northern Hemisphere the colours come from the autumn leaves dressing the trees with cooler days and longer nights making the star-speckled sky more available.

People always talk about the intensity and depth of Scorpio, and this water sign always reminds me of an ocean current, welling up from the undiscovered depths, loaded with nutrients to support life above. Nemo’s picturesque coral gardens can’t exist without the decay on the ocean floor to feed it. And such is life for us all. It is always a season to turn inwards, to peer into our own depths and connect with our inner lives that support us in the same way. Intuitive and sensitive, it invites us to dive deep and lift up the proverbial rug, to get underneath to find understanding.

With Mercury retrograde starting soon in the sign (it stations on 30 October) the internal feel is even more stark. As our thinking turns inwards we can feel out of alignment as the energy almost forces us off transmit and onto receive, but the opportunity is to meet the inner voices and get to know them more;  your intuition, your gut, your inner guide. If you’d like to read more about Mercury retrograde, please see my articles on Mercury in Scorpio here, and past articles here and here. When used thoughtfully, and armed with patience for delays and flexibilities for workarounds, Mercury retrograde doesn’t have to be the scary time it’s made out to be.

4 Tips for the month ahead:

  1. Remember the antidote to Scorpio lies in Taurus. If things are too intense, time in nature, simplifying or resting in your own space will all help.
  2. Think like a sea bird, dive down to get what you need and then bring it up to process in the light of day.
  3. I always suggest starting any emotional dwelling process with somatic experience (again Taurus here) – feel the emotions as physical sensations in your way and use the Scorpio forensic lens to watch but not get personal about it or try to change it.
  4. It’s great energy to read between the lines with, but don’t try to find things that just aren’t there. Manipulation and power/control issues can come up at this time, try to deal with them from the present moment, or even from where you want things to be in the future. Bringing up the past just keeps you stuck there.

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