June 2018 Astrology Forecast – Turn on your light and GLOW

Uranus’s move into Taurus last month certainly shook the ground around us, quite literally for those living in Hawaii, Japan and Papua New Guinea! And look at the huge social change around women’s rights, such as Irish anti-abortion laws being voted out in a landslide. Or, more sadly, all the territorial disputes in the Middle East that are heating up. How has it shown up in your life, especially those with many planets in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius? Where are you being invited, encouraged or pushed to make major changes?

There’s more lightness around this month thankfully, as rest is well and truly earned after the heavy slog that April and May have been. With Venus now in Cancer, connection to our feeling life is heightened now, and this continues to be a theme throughout the first week of June. In this sign, there is a lot of love to give, especially around people we trust and who are, or feel like, ‘family’. Venus values and her journey through Cancer always encourages us to value our feelings, sensitivity and intuition. Know it’s ok to open up and be vulnerable offers deep healing right now, especially with Jupiter in Scorpio, and past wounds can have the balm of empathy, acceptance, even forgiveness, poured in.

Cancer is the crab so protection is another side of this. Boundaries are important in any relationships, and the crab’s hard shell is wonderful at putting these in place. We’ll all be served by examining where we give out too much and not value ourselves enough – around love, but also our resources including money, time and effort – and then make appropriate adjustments. This comes with a warning though, to make sure walls we put up now are there to support us and not become an emotional prison in the future.

Neptune in Pisces is also involved, and her pensive energy opens up our imagination, dreams and creativity. She romanticises and idealises so special times can be had and deep connections made, but they will need to be grounded once this energy fades away so it doesn’t disappear like mist in the morning sunlight. The end of the first week will end with a thump on 6 June as Pluto brings Venus back to earth and tests our resolve. We can retreat into our shells, lick our perceived wounds and forget all we learnt; OR see it as a chance to really alter our lives and integrate our dreams and visions to create lasting changes.

Back in Gemini, Mercury has been hidden by the brightness of the Sun since it moved into Gemini on 30 May. Communicating clearly has been harder, ego has overtaken thinking or caused us to tell too much about ourselves but in light-hearted Gemini it won’t be taken too much to heart. On the 6 June, it joins the Sun and suddenly has the microphone at the party, so anything that has been tricky or hidden will come out into the open and be shared loud and clear. The Moon joins Neptune in Pisces the following day, so it’s likely that feelings and intuition will again rise to the fore. A perfect day to contemplate your future, meditate on what you want and dream big around how you can shine… but keep it to yourself for now until it becomes more clear. If you give away too much it has the chance to lose its power and opportunity to grow.

After this, Mercury will shoot ahead of the Sun and as he becomes the morning star on 12 June his fast talking, quick thinking form will return. Our minds will lift and a feeling of being able to communicate freely and openly return… just he slips into Cancer’s perceptive domain and we mentally follow Venus’ footsteps here in the first week of the month. It’s a time to ask questions and be curious about what you imagined and dreamed up then. How will it happen, why are you doing it, what will it look like?

14 June brings the New Moon at 22 Gemini at 5.45am in Brisbane, while it occurs on 13 June at in London and in New York and is perfect for setting intentions around learning, communicating, socialising and positivity. If you know your birth chart, look at which house it falls in to hone your intentions to a specific area of your life. If you’d like to understand your chart more, you can book in for a consult with me or subscribe on my site to receive more details closer to the time.

Venus then moves into bold, daring and generous Leo on the same day, and immediately makes a tense connection with Uranus. Unusual and exciting relationships may form now, and existing ones may go through a time of modification if we allow the new in and we may be surprised just what is possible. Uranus break things down as well, so relationships that aren’t working may suddenly end or cut off without explanation. See it as cutting off dead wood that allows new, supportive connections to appear and flourish.

Next Venus saunters up to sit opposite Mars on 21 June and you may see some fireworks! Venus in Leo demands attention to feminine issues in the here and now while Mars is busy with technology and projecting what is needed for the future. Both are absolutely necessary but it will take finesse, patience and willingness to align these two viewpoints and balance the upsets between the feminine and the masculine right now. We all need to be careful about how this plays out in our personal relationships, making sure we know what belongs to us and what is coming from the lower levels of the collective unconscious. If this time does cause hurt or raise painful issues, the Moon and Jupiter in Scorpio can bring healing and enhancement on 24th as long as we take the high road and accept our own part in it all. Otherwise, this tense connection can cause the drama to escalate to a breaking point.

The 21st also marks the Solstice, as the Sun moves into Cancer, which is the cold heart of Winter here in the southern hemisphere and the full bloom of Summer for our northern friends. This day is a turning point for the Sun, as it reaches its highest point in the northern skies and starts to travel back south again (it’s really to do with the way our planet wobbles on its axis but our planetary perspective shows differently). It’s a time of pause, to balance and align before setting off in a new direction. There are potent energies available on this day, which is why the ancients held festivals and rites to connect and honour the worlds unseen.

Mars stops and turns as well on 25th and will remain retrograde for two months (27 August). Our energy levels will drop and turn within, and frustrations are highly likely. Mars things, such as assertion, energy, drive and will power all go a little haywire at this time. Plan things that need a lot of drive for before or after this time if you can, the same with starting anything new.

The month draws to a close with the Full Moon in Capricorn on 28th, bringing seriousness and focus after all the fun and feeling. Release tendencies to control and take on too much to allow that lightness to stay with you into July.

What’s the Universal message this month? The higher ideals and qualities of humanity are with us all right now. Many societies today don’t put any value on standards or principles, other than money orientated ones, so it is up to each of us to find out what is important for us and then use those as our yardstick. What is important for you? What do you wish to see more of in the world? How can you create that? Be a vessel for it? Many of us feel overwhelmed by the lack of humanity, compassion and empathy around us, yet it is offered in small ways every day, including from the planet herself. Focusing on this will help us to stay true to our values.

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