June Solstice 2018

The Sols-tice is the point at which the Sun pauses in it’s northerly journey through our skies, taking rest and refreshing itself before swinging southwards again. The signpost to this place is the constellation of Cancer, also reflected in the Tropic of Cancer line here on Earth.

This June solstice is thus linked to the qualities of this sensitive sign, with its inner, emotional focus and intuitive nature. Here is ebb and flow, the tidal zone of the universe, regularly washed with waves of new force from the future. Some of it remains behind, pooling into cool reservoirs of insight and wisdom which we can dip our consciousness into.

This year the solstice is accompanied by a trio of watery wisdom, as Jupiter in Scorpio, Neptune in Pisces and Mercury in Cancer dance together. Taking time out now to synchronise our minds and emotions produces inner alignment and deep focus on what is needed. If we can allow ourselves to be in a space of honest vulnerability, either with ourselves or others, deep healing of past wounds is made possible. As the tension of control is loosened, the valves can open and a fresh flow of originality and possibility joins us.

This comes with a note of caution – it is a time to take the high road, to not buy into the drama that can flare when bold, vivacious Venus in Leo meets the cool, detached thrust of Mars in Aquarius. Instead, while holding a calm and neutral stance, when we come to the table with an open heart we hold a chance to find true balance, alignment and unity with all beyond the veil!

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