Leo Full Moon 2021

29 January 5.16am Brisbane, and 28 January at 11.16am Pacific, 2.16pm Eastern, 7.16pm London

I really want to be excited about this Leo Full Moon, and it will hold treasures for some. Yet with all the tension in the fixed signs right now, this fiery, passionate Leo energy is likely to inflame and intensify the drama unfolding inside and around us.

The inherent part of each Leo Full Moon is that it’s ruler, the Sun, is situated in an uncomfortable place in Aquarius. The still, neutral detachment of Aquarius is alien territory for the warmth and generosity of the Sun, so how can its power shine forth strongly? Then it struck me – this energy breeds true confidence, that quiet belief in your own light and power even when in unknown and unfamiliar situations.

Like that moment when you take a breath, straighten your spine (Leo) and open your chest; confidence naturally floods in.

Like the gentle self-realisation of knowing you are in the right place, at the right time, simply because you are here and alive.

Like a natural leader calmly delegating to others and trusting in the team to work together as a whole.

Like knowing your unique individuality adds strength to the whole human race with the possibilities you offer.

This Full Moon is less about shining your light out proud and strong, but instead removing the coverings placed over you; quietly, faithfully, respectfully. Here is where you find yourself, not in the struggle and the thrust, but the faith and belief you were born magnificent as you are, your ability to live and breathe the only proof you need.

If you’re feeling jittery and nervy with this Full Moon, here are some suggestions:

– try gentle yoga before bed, especially spinal twists to release energy from the spine (ruled by Leo)

– simple child’s pose to open up your heart and put pressure on your forehead, relaxing the mind as the you breathe deeply into your heart, chest and back.

– magnesium to support the nervous system

– getting physically active, especially lifting weights, boxing or wrestling to honour Mars in Taurus

– breathe in for 4 counts and then out for 8 counts, continue this for a few minutes if you can

– writing out all that feels tense or stressful for you right now and BURN it baby, burn it all away!

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