Leo Full Moon 2024

5 Leo – 26 January at 3.53 am Brisbane, 25 January at 5.53 pm UK, 12.53 pm Eastern & 9.53 am Pacific

This Full Moon is like the bonfire that provides light and warmth for a village on a cold winter night, beckoning neighbours to gather around its warmth. Or the plaza of a town on a summer’s eve, that central setting where friends and lovers congregate to connect, build relationships and feel the warmth of being part of a greater whole.

I love the way the luminaries light both sides, allowing us to seeing things from two angles. As the Sun in collective Aquarius is balanced by the Moon in personal Leo. This Full Moon asks, “what does it mean to be an individual in the collectives you’re a part of” and may give you insights into the communities or groups that feel most natural and accepting of your light. Thanks to the Pluto it may also dredge some uncomfortable truths to the surface around your own role in the answers you find.

Pluto really knows how to fill a room and will be centre stage in this party that is usually the Leo Full Moon. Intense deep emotions may surge to the surface, and while a square from Jupiter could help but it’s help that feels uncomfortable as it turns the purge up to HIGH. Think a friend holding your hair and rubbing your back as you detox after a big night out. Make space for emotional outpouring under this Full Moon and feel but not necessarily respond to compulsions you feel… it’s food for thought not action at the moment.

I believe Pluto in Aquarius will deeply redefine the individual versus collective spectrum and hopefully skew our narcissistic culture towards more group-think. Imagine what it would be like to live in a world where authenticity isn’t sacrificed for belonging. Where everyone is cherished for what makes them different because their uniqueness makes the whole better. Trying to fit in to cookie cutter social norms to belong is a waste of talent and time. This Full Moon may show us just who does this for you NOW, who appreciates your uniqueness and will colour outside the lines with you. You could even try reaching out and vicing your acceptance to those you love, show them the ways you see them and love them, just as they are.

This has the hallmarks of death of the ego too, as Pluto in Aquarius encourages individualism to give way to the needs of the collective. Our lives of peace and prosperity have allowed us to live separate lives, which is freeing but also isolating and lonely. Even 200 years ago we were much more intertwined as a social structure, and hopefully some of that will return with the best intentions. If this Full Moon brings loss around identity and sense of self, do grieve while also asking yourself just how this can free you to connect to a deeper sense of awareness and belonging. Where cracks formed in 2018 through to early 2020 may crumble through this year, giving you a chance to form a new, wiser sense of self.

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