Leo Eclipse 2018 – Now is your time to SHINE!

This Leo New Moon is also an eclipse, the last of this eclipse season and also the last of the series of Leo and Aquarius since the moon’s nodes moved into those signs in early 2017 (if you would like to understand more about the mechanics of eclipses this video from NASA is worth watching).

What does this mean for us? Amongst other things, Leo is calling us to consider our identity and how it impacts on our day to day life. Is our identity self-chosen or thrust on us by others? Does it fit with who we are now or is it holding us back? Does our identity work as a mask, or a true window into our soul? Is it protection that needs to be adjusted, or changed completely. Imagine being at a masquerade ball and wanting to meet a partner but instead of wearing a mask that speaks of charm and romance we don one of the trickster or of scary face…

This month I have Jenia Tuscano joining me in a chat about all things Leo, eclipses and the new moon! Enjoy!

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