Leo New Moon 2020

26 Leo
19 August – Brisbane 12.41pm, London, 3.41am
18 August New York 10.41pm and Los Angeles 7.41pm

Over the last month, as the Sun’s bright light shone through Leo’s filter, messages and hints tapped you on the shoulder. In the face of all 2020 has brought, the fiery passion of Leo hasn’t had much of a look in. Perhaps you’ve been neglecting this in yourself, or been forced into a circumstance where you cannot express as you usually would. Now is the time to start afresh, change things up and find a new way to shine your light.

This fierce New Moon asks you to own the magnificence that leaps out of you, just as you are. The Moon looks to the Sun as it starts it’s cycle this month, calling you into the centre of you, into your core. Each of us is a divine spark within this spinning cosmos, and you need to be genuine about the gift of conscious life you have been given… it may not come again. The Sun shines for no other reason that it can, and here we are each called to do the same.

A key Leo word is integrity, that state of being whole and undivided. It speaks of allegiance to ourselves and alignment to our chosen path. Old fears or temptation of the “easy way” can take us off track, away from our principles, values and ethics. Try revisiting these core essences of who you are and wish to be, and let them be your signpost forwards as you set your New Moon intentions.

Mercury close to this New Moon aligns our conscious expression with our mental faculties. Logical thought adds a new layer beyond the Moon’s felt experience. The trine to Mars adds in some fire and spice, so be bold as you set intentions towards the month and half year ahead and ask for more courage where you need to push past fears or obstacles.

Finally, the lively, expressive side of this New Moon is too good to miss. This Leo season has brought dance back into my life, and as I let go into this creative physical expression, I forgot how much joy it brings. It didn’t matter the steps I missed or mistakes I made, just the pure pleasure of following the music and seeing where that led me. So try this for yourself, as the playful spirit of Leo can ease the seriousness of life we are facing on so many fronts this year. Drag out a board game, pull on those rollerskates or try a game of charades over Zoom if you’re honoring social spacing right now.

So where does Leo fall in your birth chart? What area of life could you shine in more? What speaks to you in this space? What lights you up? If you’d like to work more deeply with this New Moon and play with some meditations and rituals, please join me for my New Moon Magic workshop.

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