2021 New Moon in Leo

Leo New Moon 2021

16 Leo – 8 August
Brisbane –11.50pm, London –2.50pm, New York – 9.50am, Los Angeles –6.50am

There’s an “are-we-there-yet” feeling to the current skies this week as we all grapple with the realities of COVID-19 and the relentless unknown of living in a pandemic. The social fabric is wearing thin, fraying in places where issues already existed, and fear permeates so many of our interactions. Disconnect causes the “monkey mind” to flare, keeping us imprisoned in past fears and future worries that likely have no place in the present moment.

Yet Sunday’s Leo New Moon brings new hope amongst the grind and an antidote that lies in the present moment, being present and connected to ourselves as another Leo word – authenticity. Simply put, authenticity is connection to self, that clear link to your body and inner lives, moment to moment, and an ability to respond from that state. Dr Gabor Mate tells us that authenticity isn’t just a spiritual aim, it’s a basic survival necessity. If animals don’t listen to their instincts, their bodies, they will die, and we humans are no different. Yet this link has often been damaged or buried during distressing or traumatic events in childhood or as adults, and we often choose attachment to others instead of authenticity as the pain of staying with ourselves is too great.

So how do you claim your authentic self? That’s where this Leo New Moon comes in, as we can use its courageous, heart-based energy alongside Uranus’ kickstarter energy a being regular practice of linking back to our core, genuine self. And I’m not talking the over-individualised ideas of “me first, me last, me always” that permeates when we’re in survival mode, but a gentle exploration of “who am I when I move through my pain and remove my layer of social niceties”. Instead creating time to slow right down and check-in. To be present enough to ask your body to tell you what YOU need, and what is YOUR heart asking for, or what hints are YOUR passions showing you?

This New Moon is all about claiming yourself back, away from fears and self-limiting beliefs, and into who are you, the pure Universally connected self. It’s not an easy journey but the energy of the Sun’s square to Uranus on Friday is enfolded into the New Moon in such a way that you cannot say no and its restlessness is a guide to where change is sorely needed.

Some ideas to try under this Leo New Moon:
– take a day off and play in the Sun, alone, just you with what you love to do
– try some automatic writing, asking questions to yourself, and allowing a stream of consciousness to respond
– use the courage of this New Moon to face old fears about yourself and see if they withstand the light of day or the honest feedback from a trusted friend
– try something completely new, driven by your own desires and needs. This could be an activity, a behaviour, or a way of being, just don’t listen to that monkey on your back!
– think about where you might be choosing attachment over authenticity, then consciously set intentions to STOP yourself next time!

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