Leo New Moon ’23

16 August, 7.38pm Brisbane, 10.38am London, 5.38am Eastern & 2.38am Pacific

This Leo New Moon certainly wipes the slate clean, like a defibrillator to the heart thanks to the shock energy of Uranus in Taurus. While your chest may ache afterward, you’re very glad someone took the trouble to shake you awake or bring you back to life. Suddenly the world seems brighter and gratitude floods in for what was seen as too simple or basic. New perspectives dawn on who you are and the gift of your life, especially as this New Moon is just past the midpoint of the Venus retrograde.

Squares tug together such varied viewpoints. Here the flamboyance and passion of Leo are challenged to build in calm and serenity, to find self-expression in the quiet gardens, not the center stage. Performers can’t be on and giving out all the time, and Taurus offers the sanctuary to inhale and refuel, but it’s not in the ways we’ve always done it. Like a Queen realising a crown of flowers is a more true adornment, simplicity is bold, and solid earthy foundations provide the best stage.

Suggested Intentions for this New Moon

  • Break free of past fears and negative beliefs that hold you back from being seen or achieving in the spotlight
  • Find the courage to move away from people or experiences that push you into the shadows
  • Step away of drama and stay with what is simple and constant
  • Push away from the status quo and find a way to embrace ourselves, just as we are
  • Challenge yourself to perform, create or express in a style you’ve never tried before

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