Leo Season 2023

Leo Season 2023

The vibrant, brightness of Leo season begins this weekend, its warm nature being a balm to our souls, but you’ll need to watch that heat as it can encourage lush rainforests and also create barren deserts. As the Sun trumpets its way across the sky, the rigid nature of the fixed signs comes to play. It will be a month of ups with touches to Jupiter, shocks from Uranus, and introspection with Venus’ retrograde motion in the same courageous sign.

Our family has been watching The Amazing Race lately (TV choices of a 6yo Sagittarian!) and this Leo season feels like an episode of that. With the Sun now in its own vital and confident sign, you’re celebrating being included then starting out confident only to quickly face surprising tasks (thanks to Uranus squares) that are either in your wheelhouse or push you completely out of your comfort zone. Flexibility, lateral thinking, and embracing your unique skills help you negotiate the trickier stages.

You KNOW teamwork is the dreamwork, but this period will test your partnerships in ways you never imagined and you’ll be wondering if your way is the best way or if you should compromise (we see you Venus retrograde). One thing’s for sure, you’ll get new insights about your relationships around the 8-9 August as Venus squares Uranus right as the Moon is in the same late stages of Taurus. Be prepared for surprises, while also understanding everyone is feeling some level of discomfort as they feel pushed into the spotlight to express themselves.

Planets moving through Virgo add the practical grounding this journey requires and add to the Jupiter in Taurus reminder to stay in the moment and enjoy the adventure while you’re on it. This energy is like a supportive parent saying “Yes, play, celebrate and enjoy as only Leo can, AND don’t forget to eat right, sleep enough, and read the instructions thoroughly so you can get to the next stage!” Jupiter opportunities are sprinkled through, offering express cards to growth, so keep your eyes peeled and make the most of them when you can.

Sweets spots…

Jupiter squares help us bring the juice for planets in Leo but you’ll need to work to squeeze it yourself or it comes with a warning. The Sun square Jupiter on 7 August brings energy and confidence in your abilities but watch overcommitting or veering into arrogance.

Meanwhile, planets in Virgo just get the juice free-flowing, such as the productive and confident Mars trine Jupiter and Mercury trine Jupiter encouraging well-thought-out ideas and plans take solid shape on 2 August. Mercury into Virgo on 29 July sharpens the mind and

The Venus cazimi on 13 August is my favoruite sweet spot for the month, like the sweetness of fresh dates in an oasis after wandering the desert. The halfway point for the Venus retrograde, it’s a chance to bring the Venus themes you’ve been pondering and dwelling since 22 July to the surface and see the light reflecting off any gems.  

Venus will square Jupiter on 22 August and stay close as she turns forwards in motion (cuddling up with Jupiter until mid-September). Rewards can flow from your deepening and stilling during the retrograde period, yet it can bring cravings for pleasure, indulgence and anything sweet, so apply discipline liberally!

…and tricky times

My vote for the tricky times this month goes to the squares from Leo to Uranus in Taurus. Yes, they’re exciting and can push you out of stagnation and into change. However, that’s generally not a comfortable process and often feels like someone taking a crowbar to your armoured places to pry them open and peer inside. Venus square Uranus is a search for connections that allow you to be you, and you may find 8-9 August brings a repeat of events or frustrations from 30 June-1 July. The Sun square Uranus on 16 August is a New Moon that disrupts your sense of stability and willpower, honour it by breaking out of your usual routines and trying something different.

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