Libra Full Moon 2021

Full Moon – 8 Libra

28 March at 11.48am Pacific, 2.48pm Eastern, 7.48pm London, and 29 March 4.48am Brisbane

I have a regular ritual at the moment, where I sit on the back steps before bed and gaze at the sky. At the Moon. At the stars. And the inky black spaces between.

Before last night’s viewing, I had a whole idea of writing up the energy of this New Moon, going into my head to weave together the words I had logically pulled together. But then I was struck to my core with the luminous beauty of that grey lump of rock that orbits our planet, as the Universe tapped me on the shoulder and said “come back to the moment”. I marvelled at its ability to light up the night, even though it has no energy source of its own. That pearlescent disc, gently traversing our sky (and ours alone), seems to shine out bright light, yet none of it belongs to itself. Isn’t that wonderous? And a perfect analogy for this Full Moon…

So, back to the words – this Full Moon in Libra is about connections and our relationships with others. If there was no Sun, the Moon couldn’t shine the way it does. And we are the same in our lives. Look to those who help you shine out, either bright like the Sun or more gently like this Full Moon.

It is ruled by Venus in Aries, which right now is combust the Sun… and Aries isn’t natural territory for Venus so discomfort is inherent. 

  • Yes, it’s about bringing the “me” back into the “we” of our relationships.
  • Yes, you are facing mirrors you may not like to look into or realising some mirrors no longer offer a true reflection of who you’ve grown to become.
  • Yes, it’s uncomfortable and inviting us into situations and conversations where you need to back yourself, no matter how unpalatable and awkward that feels.
  • Yes, there is courage at our fingertips and the honesty of Aries can push past the social niceties of Libra to cut to the core of what’s at stake in our connections.

But don’t forget the beauty of it all, this is in Libra after all. Gaze at the luminous disc in the sky tonight, and marvel at its ability to shine so magnificently using light it reflects from elsewhere.

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