Libra New Moon

2 Libra – Monday 26 September at 7.54am Brisbane, Sunday 25 September 10.54pm London, 5.54pm Eastern & 2.54pm Pacific

Libra is the realm of relationships, inviting us to connect and communicate with others and learn to share your reality. Imagine yourself at dinner with a loved one or close friend you haven’t seen in a while, or someone new in your world. You’re leaning in, curious how they are, what they know, how they feel and also seeing you a reflection of your human experience in their own. Libra builds intimacy through balancing questions and answers, enjoying the pleasure of being social and connected, especially when one-on-one.

This year, the Libra New Moon looks to the discerning style of Venus in Virgo, who encourages purifying and coming back to basics in relationships. Think of it like a Marie Kondo opportunity for all the relationships in your sphere, to discern what stays and what goes, creating a clean slate to either start again or move on. An opposition to Jupiter in Aries does offer new hope for your relationship future but may involve challenging choices. Do beware Jupiter extremes creating polarised thinking. If you feel like it either it’s all WE or all ME, you may need to search for the truth in the middle, like the fulcrum point that helps tip the scales one way of the other depending on the loading.

So, here’s a little relationship tip – try to think less about the behaviours of the people involved and more about the qualities and traits of each specific relationship. For example, together hydrogen and oxygen create water, but independently neither of them are, or behave like, water. When you think about relationships as a third entity it encourages clarity and neutrality, reminding us it takes two to tango, and challenges or issues in relationships are never down to one person. It can help us understand that while we may love a person, we may not love the relationship dynamics we have with them.

Here is a list of questions to ponder under the coming days of the Balsamic Moon in Virgo (because Virgo does LOVE a list!)

  • What are your ideal qualities in relationship?
  • Does this relationship have any of those?
  • If it doesn’t, could they be brought in? Or is the weight of the past too heavy?
  • Does this relationship light you up, brighten your spirit?
  • Have you been in similar relationships before? Is there a pattern?
  • Is past loss or pain informing the type of relationship you feel safe with now.
  • What is your attachment style? Is that playing into this?

From here, Venus in Virgo offers a microscope to help evaluate where change can happen, and where it’s best to let go with grace, preparing the ground build that into your New Moon intentions. And look at the first question as a guide to what relationships to manifest under this New Moon!

A final note, I don’t wish to minimise relationships with abusive partners, those are a complex category all of their own and need much more than some New Moon wishing to become free from. . If you feel controlled or are being abused physically, emotionally or financially, seek support from a service like White Ribbon, Lifeline or (or something similar in your own country) or a therapist with expertise in this area.

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