Lunar Eclipse in Leo 2018

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 11 degrees of Leo

Sydney – Thursday 1 February 12.37am
Brisbane – Wednesday 31 January 11.37pm
London – Wednesday 3 January 1.37pm
New York – Wednesday 3 January 8.37am

Wednesday night’s lunar eclipse has been called a number of things… “super, blood, blue moon”… but you can’t believe everything you hear or read! Astronomer Tanya Hill talks about the science behind the hype, and what are the real features to focus on. Plus she gives the best times to view it, here in Australia it’s the first time in three years that we’ll have a chance to see a lunar eclipse.

No matter what it’s called, this eclipse is a powerful opportunity for change, especially those with planets around 11 degrees of Leo and Aquarius, even Taurus and Scorpio. The Moon rules emotions, so feelings run high when the Moon is big and bright in the sky (just ask any policeman or paramedic about full moon evenings). Within the chaos of the eclipse, much is thrown into the air. It’s an opportunity for change, a chance to get yourself out of a rut, so expect things to be shifted. Like dust on a dirt road after a truck comes through, the energy will settle in the hours following the eclipse.

An eclipse happens when the Sun, Moon and Earth align on the same plane, a special time when our minds, hearts and emotions can align. Leo shines magnanimously and helps things grow, so guide your feelings well for real growth potential. It does bring a tendency towards drama, so a conscious effort to stay calm and neutral over coming days will keep you on stable ground. The sun is the ruler of this eclipse, which is in emotionally detached Aquarius, so if emotions overwhelm this energy can make detachment easily available. Venus in Aquarius is linked to this eclipse and adds her quirky touch so solutions or new ideas will come from unexpected places – don’t discount anything.

The north node comes into play here too, calling us to look towards the future and our best possible selves… then move into that space! Poet W.E. Henley famously wrote, “I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul” in his poem “Invictus”, which was about the internal struggle of self-control and freedom of choice. The same applies to you, and this is powerful imagery to use during this time. Emotions have their place, giving us sensitivity to the world around us and the people in it, and adding much meaning to this amazing existence we have. They are not all there is, however, although in a lunar eclipse you can be forgiven for feeling that way! Picture the feelings running through you, and then out of you to the Moon, imagine you are allowing them passage through you but don’t allow them to become you. That’s true neutrality. A visual or contemplative exercise where you see your emotions as a separate life within you, over which you have total control, will help even more.

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